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I start walking on the 4th May next year from SJPP going Vacarlos route; 2 nights in Pamplona and booked up to Estella on the 10th May.
My flight leaves Santiago on the 31st.
If i could i would have liked to walk the whole way but the time i have available makes that a no go!
I want to enjoy it so 20-25km max days are what i am hope to walk and i am aware that includes the last hundred km!

Can anybody give me the heads up as to which stages are worth a miss between Estella and Sarria to reach Santiago by the 30th.
All the best Woody
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Tough call @woody66 .

The usual response to this question, which I agree with, goes something like.........

  1. Skipping stages breaks the 'flow' of your Camino and will also mean you part company with those you meet.
  2. It's hard to suggest what stages to miss as they all have appeal in different ways.
  3. Why not just start closer and have one continuous walk?
Given that you start on the 4th and need to end on the 30th (flight next day) you have 26 days to walk.
Allow at least 1 rest day.
Leaves you 25.
At 20 kms / day on average, you can walk 500 kms.

Why not start at Burgos? (492 kms out)

If you want to stick to your plan, you need to cut out about 300 kms after Estella.
You also need to consider ease of transport.
I would cut one big chunk of 300 kms, given the points above.

Maybe just cut Burgos to Ponferrada? :confused:
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Thanks a lot for your help Robo;:) and Nick for the Buen Camino :)!

Well since posting on Sunday things have suddenly changed for the good!

On the phone with my daughter yesterday afternoon (she was actually walking up mount Vesuvius at the time; she has done more at the age of 25 than I've managed in a lifetime)

She said she could have my G/dog for as long as I need .

She is moving to a place with a garden on the 25th so a week from now (she tells me nothing but then again; next May is a long way off and I hadn't raised the time issue)

Whereas at the moment she travels up to my home to care for him; she works remotely but has to go in the office one day a week about 140 mile round trip her new place is 10 mins from her work.

So have cancelled flight home (only £44) and will now walk till i finish fingers crossed!
So i am now a happy bunny!

All the best to you guys.
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So have cancelled flight home (only £44) and will now walk till i finish fingers crossed!
So i am now a happy bunny!
Great news! Being able to walk the ‘whole thing’ will make a big difference to your experience. Plus we’ll have a podcast season out about the Francés by then ;)

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