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French Fries


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This may be a silly request but here goes.

I did the Camino France a couple of years ago and in Galicia I do remember the heaps of french fries that I could never finish and as I got closer to Santiago was increasingly unmotivated to finish. On the other hand I did like the ensalada mixta which was usually available for the first course. My Spanish is minimal and improving slowly. I am planning to do the Camino Primitivo this Fall and I was wondering if anyone could give me a phrase or sentence to memorize that would be a simple and polite request to substitute a second helping of salad for the french fries. I know the peregrino menu is a fixed menu but I figure it can't hurt to ask and I am really not anticipating those mounds of french fries again.

The one from Galicia (the round) and the one from Castilla & Leon. Individually numbered and made by the same people that make the ones you see on your walk.

An easy one, albeit not perfect:

''Sin patatas, pero con ensalada'' add Por Favor naturally.

Others will pipe in...for you to choose.

Bon appétit,
Hello John,
You could say "por favor, me podrían servir el segundo plato/la carne/el pescado con ensalada en vez de patatas?" I don't know how easy that would be to memorize if you speak very litle Spanish, in that case you can always give them a nice smile and ask " es posible no patatas pero más ensalada, por favor?" Gramatically that wouldn't be correct but I think everybody would understand you. :D .

And since I'll be on the Primitivo just a month before you I'll let you know if I find any good places to eat, so far I heard lots of people recomend Casa Pachon en Salas, very good Spanish food they say.

Thank you very much Jean-Marc and Josephine

I don't think of myself as a picky eater and I know that I will need to eat substantially if I am walking several hours a day but I do remember feeling quite tired of seeing mounds of french fries repeatedly in Galicia. Maybe I am a picky eater? I did like the ensalada mixta and this year I will try to pulpo.

And Josephine any tips you can pass on as to good places to eat on the Primitivo will be appreciated. After all I found some of my best memories were new friends, good food and some vino tinto!

Hi, John,
I can recommend the Nueva Allandesa in Pola de Allande. It's both a 1 or 2* hotel with a restaurant on the ground floor. People come from long distances to eat there. I had a really delicious huge plate of grilled vegetables, all fresh and not mushy. They have several very typical asturian dishes, their fabada is well known. I just asked for a tiny cup to taste it because it is very heavy, but it was delicious.

In Tineo, I can't remember the name but it was a very popular restaurant sort of around the back of the Plaza Mayor as you walk down the main street (sorry, I know that's not too helpful, but maybe others can join in).

And for communal dinners, there's Alex's albergue about six kilometers outside of Salas, in a place called Bodenaya. It was too early for me to stop when I passed it, but people who stayed there just raved about the place and the hospitalero (a former cab driver in Madrid who gave up the rat race).

I think you'll love the Primitivo!
The one from Galicia (the round) and the one from Castilla & Leon. Individually numbered and made by the same people that make the ones you see on your walk.
Terry says he didn't get many French Fries last year on the Primitivo. We are off to walk part of it next week, we'll post about our eating places for you when we get back.
Tio Tel (TerryB) and Tia Valeria
As well as the above, I can recommend Casa Herminia in Campiello (between Tineo and Pola de Allande). My first taste of Sopa de Gallego - excellent after sweating on a warm day! There was a group of workers from the local 'fabrica' having lunch there as well. Usually if it is patronised by the locals, it is good value! The other side of Lugo, Casa da Ponte (tel. +44077 79804186) do a good breakfast as well as a bed and evening meal, if you feel like something a bit more up-market than the albergue at San Roman de Retorta.
Once you get onto the Frances after Melide, french fries are on offer at every meal!! :roll:

Blessings on your walking
Tio Tel
I do remember all those french fries but my plan (see how well it works this Fall) is to walk the Primitivo to Ludo and then take a bus to Ferrol and walk the Inglise to Santiago. I feel like taking the paths less travelled.

Hi John, if you stop in Lugo, I'd recommend a trip out to the church of Santa Eulalia de Boveda, with its 4th century Roman paintings in a chapel discovered about 50 years ago, I think. It's about 11 km on the Camino Primitivo out of Lugo, with a marked turn-off that is about another 2 km. It's very nice. And Lugo is well worth a day's visit, IMO.

The walk from Lugo to San Roman (which is in the middle of nowhere) certainly qualifies as a path less travelled, at least once you get through the Lugo suburbs. The albergue there is in the middle of the woods, very beautiful and peaceful. Have you thought about staying on the Primitivo till Melide and then bailing out as you hit the Frances crowds? I visited Santa Eulalia as part of my walk to San Roman, it was a very do-able day even with the detour (well, yes, I did get a ride for 2 km). The walk from San Roman to Melide has some nice spots, though the last 5 or 6 km are through developed areas on roads with light traffic.

Your description of the French Fries finally jolted my memory -- I've been trying to think of the old saying about Asturians and their culinary habits: They say that "los asturianos comen como reyes y beben como paisanos." (They eat like kings and drink like peasants).

Buen camino, Laurie

Thanks very much for the information about the possibiities in the Lugo area. Sounds great and I will take the information with me cause who knows what will happen. We make plans and then adjust depending on what happens. My plans are actually to do the Primitivo from Oveido to Lugo and then, avoiding the CF, to bus to Ferrol and do the Inglise to Santiago.

I'm trying to keep this relatively simple but am flying in from Canada via London (ash clouds permitting) then to Oveido. From Santiago to Marakesh via Madrid and after about 2 1/2 weeks there back to London for a few days.

I figure since I am over there I should take full advantage of being there!

I am so looking forward to this Fall!

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