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Hi everybody
I'm on my Camino. Started on Friday 11/04/08
On my website you can find very fresh pictures of Camino taken between SJPP and Puente de la Reina where I'm now. Just choose albums/camino. Sorry for the quality but I didn't have time to work on them.
By the way. In Puente de la Reina is Hotel called Jakue. They have also an albergue. It is only 1 euro more expensive but much better than minicipale one.
Buen Camino
€2,-/day will present your project to thousands of visitors each day. All interested in the Camino de Santiago.

Great pictures, thank you for sharing. Makes me wish I was there again.


Hi Andy,

Wonderful photos! It is great to see the Camino at a different time of year! You're moving fast! And the weather looks pretty good....thanks for taking the time to post the pictures... great memories!

Buen Camino,
I just thought I'd thrown in a suggestion of something I do that works well for me - I take zillions of photographs and often can't recall later on where or what the picture is of, so what I did on the Camino is at the start of each day I'd take a photo of the map of my day's walk (I used the Brierley guide for both Caminos) so I'd know that all the following photos belong to that day, and I'd take a photo of the sign of the town name as I'd enter each town so I could narrow it even further. I must admit that I went to quite the extreme in that I'd photograph my guide books' description of each point-of-interest that I took a picture of, so I could read later on the history or significance of it; photograph the outside and inside of each albergue to aid my memory as after a few they all blur together, and of course, take pics of all the friends I made along the way. I hope this might help some other memory-challenged pilgrims!
€2,-/day will present your project to thousands of visitors each day. All interested in the Camino de Santiago.
Andy, thank you! they were wonderful...raw state or not! Loved the muddy boots! Could almost smell the springtime! And I was very impressed by that bull? cow? Not quite sure how I would have gotten around it!

alipilgrim..thank you for the suggestion for keeping things clear with the photos! There will be four in my group doing the Portuguese route in 35 days!! ..we'll all be snapping away and this will help us keep track!

Buen Camino All
Hola Andy!

lucky you, despite the atrocious weather we have been having! I was 2 days ahead of you, actually, but I only was able to make it up to Burgos, I left el Camino in Burgos last monday, and I also left some fabulous people in it, still trying to adapt myself to normal life outside.

I hope you enjoy the meseta as much as I did 2 years ago, the most pensive beautiful spiritual part of the Camino in my opinion, it was great seeing your photos, I even had the "pincho" you show in the photo, the rolled up ham slice and the really tasty broth with mushroom!!!

Keep updating us from the camino as you make progress, compañero! All the landscapes look so familiar so far...
Hello Andrzej.
I wave watched all your photos and I really enjoyed them .I cannot wait until august. Hope, that the weather will be a bit better.
Are you in Santiago yet? ;) Take care.

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