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We´ve made it to Navarette and have left the rain. Now it´s the heat that we´re dealing with!!! Sorry to say we´ve become some of those peregrinos that get up early to beat the heat- not the bed rush!!!Albergues still are not full. We stayed in the albergue parroquial in Viana last night and there were 8 of us there- capacity is something loke 20. The hopitaleras were wonderful and made a fantastic dinner. When we arrived they told me there was a municiple albergues up the road that had more services, but we were welcome in the parroquial albergue- it was more like a home and we´d have a communal dinner. I highly recommend it. We also had a great albergue almost to ourselves in Lorca- the one on the right side of the road going out of town- Albergue de Lorca de Jose Ramon. The owners girl friend is from North Carolina and practically caters to you. She showed us how to use Skype and we called home after setting up a Skype account- it was free. Definitely look into Skype of you want to call the US from Spain- ATT cards don´t work well.
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So happy to hear all is going well, and happy to hear there are beds!! I keep telling people that Spain is THE place to go! The people are simply put, wonderful! (to say nothing of the countryside)

Buen Camino
I too, stayed in the parroquial albergue in Viana last year and it was wonderful! We had paella and it was the place where I met some of my most memorable friends on the Camino. The next one is Grañon - I don´t need to say anything about that!
Buen Camino,
Hola Deirdre,

The albergues you stopped in are a very good choices. I suppose the next would be Tosantos, wouldn't be? Quiet albergues, in quiet towns, with free beds even now.

Buen Camino,

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.
I agree, Javier, and even now in Leon I can say we have not had any problems finding albergues the entire trip. I really think it pays to stay in the smaller towns.
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Anyone know if the municipal Albergue is open here? Every where else seems to be full for tomorrow 21 September.
My wife and I (both mid-70’s) have been surprised by how treacherous some of the descents have been. Steep trails that have washouts, leaving deep ruts and narrow pathways and sharp, jagged rocks...
Hello again, I'm planning my walk with a friend but incase she can't join me I'm wondering if I should prebook all accommodation and/or pay for an organised trip. I will be walking for 5 weeks...
Walked my first camino this year, May-June which was the Frances. During my first week of waking I was enjoying it but wondered why people walked it more than once. Well two weeks after I got home...
Hola peregrinos, I'm looking at posts about how busy things get from Sarria onward to SDC and I'm wondering has anyone ever detoured from the Camino Frances to the Camino Invierno and then Camino...
Hiya! Walking the primitivo for the first time (it's amazing) and just arrived in Lugo. If you're in Sarria or just after (AND STAYING IN ALBERGUES) how busy is the last week on the frances right...

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