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From three stars to the field of stars: back to the essence for Sébastien Bras

Discussion in 'Food on the Camino de Santiago' started by Purky, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Purky

    Purky Active Member

    Sep 5, 2016
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    Camino(s) past & future:
    Breda (Holland) to Santiago (2016)
    Camino Ingles (2017)
    Food for thought: a side-effect of the camino can be that you redefine what is essential to you, and rediscover just how important that is. This can lead to unexpected actions, especially when you are a renowned chef with three stars in the Michelin Guide.

    Sébastien Bras, the French chef who owns and runs the acclaimed Le Suquet restaurant in Laguiole (on the Aubrac plateau in the Aveyron, France), announced last month (Sept. 20, 2017) that he wanted his three stars removed from the next 2018 edition of France’s restaurant bible.

    In a Facebook-video he explains why he took this decision. He quotes Camille Belguise, "In silence and solitude, one only hears the essential" and also alludes to biking the Le Puy Way.

    He wants to go back to basics, back to the essence and the heart of his craft. He wants to offer a cuisine, a welcome, that is in tune with his outlook on life and in harmony with the region where he lives.

    No more rankings, no more pressure and tension about his three stars. In an interview with Agence France-Presse he states: "Maybe I will be less famous but I accept that." He wants to be free to cook and create "without wondering whether my creations will appeal to Michelin's inspectors."

    I love this!
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
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  2. VNwalking

    VNwalking Veteran Member Donating Member

    Jul 18, 2014
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    Camino(s) past & future:
    Francés (2014, 2015)
    St Olav/Francés (2016)
    Baztanés/Francés (2017)
    Ingles (July 2018)
    Yes, @Purky , that story is both uplifting and refreshing.
    I so love it when people hear the siren songs of fame and recognition and have the strength of heart to walk away. The promises of these things are so shallow. Obviously Sébastien Bras learned one of the biggest lessons the Camino has to teach.
    Now, can we send some world figures on a long walk?:D:p
  3. davebugg

    davebugg Active Member Donating Member

    Feb 26, 2017
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    East Wenatchee, WA, USA
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    Camino Frances...
    St Jean Pied de Port to Burgos, September 2017
    Interesting.... If it were me, I wouldn't have asked to have the stars removed; I would have explained my change of philosophy for the kitchen stating that I would neither strive for or reject a Michelin rating, but such would come or go without it being any kind of focus or acknowledgement of mine.

    But then again, I never chef'd haute cuisine. My restaurant was a simple barbecue joint. ;-)
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