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(Fromista) Sahagún to León

rioja routard

Active Member
I have now completed the whole Francès route from SJPP to Santiago with one exception.

Last July I arrived at Sahagún with painful tendon problems and footwear that had to be replaced.

After purchasing new shoes I took the train to León to spend some meditative and contemplation time in the Cathedral and rest my feet for the day.

As I am a confirmed pilgrim addict I knew that I would indeed return with the honourable intention to do this section from Sahagún to León in order to have completed the Camino Francès.

However my girlfriend suggested as it is my final leg I should do it for charity. In that case, I said, I will start from Fromista to make it an even 70 miles and make it look more like a worthwhile feat for sponsorship.

The charity I have chosen, somewhat relevant is the Pilgrims Hospice in East Kent (Ashford, Canterbury and Thanet).

They provide care and support to those with incurable and terminal illness.

They were very happy to send me official sponsorship forms and a T Shirt to wear on the Pilgrimage.

The collection is going well, £145 already collected at my work.

So that is exactly what I am doing, starting next Thursday 3 May from Fromista and I need to get to León on Monday 7 May.

Looking forwards to it already.

Buén Camino
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Active Member
Muy buen!

I decided to see what I could rattle out of friends and family for me doing the camino, too. Seems also to be going ok. I figured I was doing it anyway, may as well try and get some more good out of it! :)


"... the Pilgrims Hospice in East Kent (Ashford, Canterbury and Thanet).

Am taking notes on pilgrimages in England. Where could I get more info re: the above, which I assume must be on a pilgrimage route?

Also, someone wrote a post re: pilgrimages in the Brit Isles (was it u, Sil?). I've been looking for it but cannot find it. Can anybody help?

They were very happy to send me official sponsorship forms and a T Shirt to wear on the Pilgrimage. The collection is going well, £145 already collected at my work.

That's great. I'd like to do something like that at home. How do u go about setting it up?

Thanks for the info.


xm 8)


New Member
I have just read the article (link) above and fond it fascinating! But I must admit that it brought a smile to my face. The way people are trying to prove they are poor enough to benefit from the inheritance, and the way a cousin (think it was a cousin) has emerged from the woodwork. Strange that he was not around at the time of her passing. Says to me that they weren't close...but the smell of money?
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I don't think there r any cultures that lack versions of this story :!: Human condition :?:

rioja routard

Active Member
pilgrimage for charity completed

Got back yesterday from my final stage of the Camino Francès.

I went to the same sports shop in Sahagún where I purchased trainers last July. I showed the assistant them and said I had walked in them to Santiago and then SJPP back to Sahagún. She was very impressed, with NIKE not me, as they showed little sign of wear!

I had a great walk and my favourite bit was the walk from El Burgo Ranero to Reliegos.

It was flat but so peaceful with just the sound of frogs, crickets and swifts and the way flooded with sunlight and wild flowers.

Just on the horizon were snowcapped mountains. I just took my time and enjoyed.

I stayed at some really good refuges too, Albergue Espirtu Santo at Carrión de los Condes, the nun who ran that was so kind and caring, Albergueria Laganares at San Nicolas de Real Camino, nice people and clean run hostal with a pleasant evening meal.

The best to was to come, El Nogal in El Burgo Ranero, for €10 I had a private room, and dare I say it, I slept for 12 hours!

Another lovely family run Auberge which has just been newly renovated is El Delfin Verde at Puente Villarente, (tel 987 31 20 65). Although on a busy road it is fairly quiet and the river surroundings are nice. It was great to walk down to the Rio Porma and soak my hot feet in icy water.

As most people stay at Mansilla de las Mullas it is a good option to stay there as it is 6 km the León side.

Well, the Camino is great, not so sure about the return journey and travelling through Paris, I fell over at the Metro Station in Paris Austerliz and really hurt my knee! All that walking and no problems on the Camino but on the journey home!

Ok, peace everyone, 18 months ago I had only a vague knowledge of the Camino. Now it has changed my life in a very positive way and I hope, I really do hope, I'm a better person for it.


Active Member
Nice one! :)

I've noted your recommendations with regards to accommodation in El Burgo Ranero, where abouts is it in relation to that road with the bars/refugio?

rioja routard

Active Member
Hospaderia Jacobea El Nogal


It is on the left just before the restaurant, which was really good too. Mixed salad, calamares, flan and a bottle of wine €8.50 with a really nice frieze painted on the wall of the camino.

The municiple Albergue is on the right after the crossroads.

This was full when I arrived and as serendipity goes I booked into that real good one. I was just so tired due to some loud dutch snorer the night before and 30 km walking in a hard wind and the wine ensured my 12 hour sleep.

I felt so chilled waking at 10, having breakfast and setting out, missing out on the pilgrim rush hour!

That is my only critisism is that some get up so early and race to the next Albergue almost simulating their own rushed life styles.

The last thing I would take would be an alarm clock!



Active Member
Cool, I think I know where you mean. The albergue is after the road down to the train station, non?

There was a cracking little bar there, too. Buy a beer, get some tapas with it. Doesn't happen in a lot of bars, but that one was fab.

anyway, I guess you're a happy bunny, having completed it all, now? Any chance of a return leg, doing it all in one go?
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rioja routard

Active Member
I wish I only had the time. I am so short of leave I had to come straight to work off an overnight train to Paris from Spain and a TGV to Calais.

If I had that time I would once more do the 764 km from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Santiago in one hit to get the continuity and rhythm of the pilgrimage.

The only advantage in stages is you see the countryside in different seasons and have a more compact version of the towns and scenery.

The Albergue was on the main road and it clearly has EL NOGAL written on the wall. The station was right off the main road.


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