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Geneva - Le Puy


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Has anybody walked the road from Geneva to Le Puy? How is it?
Somebody told that the road is quite near to the airport in Geneva... where?

I'd be greatful for answers, I most likely walk this in a month :)

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mlriibak said:
Has anybody walked the road from Geneva to Le Puy? How is it?
yup. in 1999, a few days after it was marked.
it's scenic, but doesn't go to any very interesting places. IMO they could have created a much more historically interesting route

mlriibak said:
Somebody told that the road is quite near to the airport in Geneva... where?
then they told you wrong. The route leaves to the south. The airport is to the NW of the city


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I am thinking of leaving from Geneva for about a week of Camino walking.
How much does it cost a day?
Do you have to book the albergues ahead of time?
Are there any places through the confraternities or hostels that are cheaper? (am bringing sleeping bag)
Any other tips for leaving from Geneva
thanks for any suggestions


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In France, hospitaliers on at least one route are strictly instructed that there is no possiblity of booking ahead; the reason is that people would phone ahead to several places "just to be sure", then arrive at one place and fail to inform the others. With results you can imagine for other tired pilgs.

However, any ex-pilgrim hosp will try to find you somewhere to lay your head. And succeed. :)

Enjoy your pilgrimage - it will be wonderful. Come back to the forum and tell us how it was.

Bon chemin!


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Hi, I walked this route in August/September last year. Do get the Amis de St Jacques yellow guidebook, they sell it through Confraternity of St James,it is useful for Accueil Pelerin ph nos and addresses, these are by donation private homes where one can stay, a bit hit and miss, but I have had some experiences. I used the German Outdoor Guide as well. I am attaching my blog.
City Hostel Geneva is best value for money. Cheap and simple and clean.
Beaumont, Fromagerie a great first stop. There is the most beautiful new gite just after Merigneux, called La Guette ph 04 74 48 36 15, the man who owns it is a bio farmer and he cooks beautiful meals from produce and meat he grows himself. He is out on the farm most of the day, so best to ring around 6 pm or so.It is a few km before St Julien Moulin Moulette, which is not really nice, I did not like the feel of the place and accommodation was not great there. Anyway you can read it all in my blog. Let me know if you would like other help. I did book ahead, it worked very well. Cheers, Gitti


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