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getting from madrid to roncevailles


Maggie Ramsay
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Can anyone help me with info about the best way to get from Madrid to Roncevailles? We are flying in to Madirid, could hire a car or catch other transport. Our arrival date in Madrid will be about 27 or 28 December. Yes, we have decided to do the winter walk, but with the proviso that we will take any local weather advice, and we have allowed enough time to be able to outwait bad weather, stay put and bring on the sangria! By the way, to the person who recommended me to contact Sue Kenney - I did so and she has been very helpful, thank you.
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Madrid to Roncesvalles

I am pleased you contacted Sue and that she has been able to put your mind at rest. You could possibly have had the worst weather in March so going in December is not any more risky.
You can get to Pamplona by bus, train or fly.
To Roncesvallesby bus: Autocares Artieda bus (formerly Lamontanesa) Mon-Fri at ± 18h00: Sat at 14h00 (Not Sundays):
By Taxi: Luzaide/Valcarlos: Andoni 636191423: From Garralda: Angel Mª 609411449 From Espinal: Francisco 649725951
Buen Camino
easy as pie
you can fly from madrid to pamplona or take the train
(you can take the metro directly from the airport to the train station,
if i remember correctly)
i haven't taken the bus from madrid to pamplona
but spanish buses are excellent in general
they are cheaper than the trains, run more frequently,
and go to more places
you can take the bus from pamplona to roncesvalles
the lamontanesa bus used to get you to roncesvalles in time
to have dinner and attend the pilgrim mass at the church
i'm wondering if this 6 pm bus does?
cuz the pilgrim mass is not to be missed
transport from madrid to roncesvalles

Hi Leslie and Sil
Thank you for your replies, I was so happy to receive them. Could you also let me know how long it takes (roughly) to get there by train or by bus?
And you mentioned taxi - how much would that cost?
Thank you
Best regards
getting to SJPP

What do you think is the best way to get to SJPP? I'm still not sure whether you would advise flying into Europe to Paris, Madrid or Rome. We could go to any of them equally easily (flying from Australia). From the one you suggest, which is the best way to get to SJPP? And back from Santiago? We will book our flights once we know this.
Many thanks,
€2,-/day will present your project to thousands of visitors each day. All interested in the Camino de Santiago.
Flying to Spain

Hi Magnara,
Air Iberia flies to Paris. You could probably arrange for a connecting Iberia flight to either Bilbao or to Madrid from there. Then you could fly back to Bilbao or Paris from Santiago.
Not sure what the costs would be though.
Magnara, see my post in another thread. Go to either Paris or Madrid - it is easier to get to SJPP from Paris, to Roncesvalles from Madrid. Rome is not a good option (although I love Rome.....but save that for another trip). I SOOOOO envy you!

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