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This girl has a wonderful way of writing.
Her previous entries include such wacky titles as:
Dealing With Don Juan and The Art Of Letting Go(Or How God Used John Lennon To Get Me To Stop Worrying About My Dog)
This one of the goings on at Arroyo San Bol had me giggling away! ... n-bol.html
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I started to read Gigi's blog from the beginning (so am still looking forward to reading about Arroyo San Bol) but I thought this paragraph should be repeated here as a reminder to all pilgrims that this Camino is a special gift to us all and we should leave only memories....

Gigi writes : "After cleaning the bathrooms and in the morning, I was in a bit of shock. It was really terrible how the pilgrims left messes behind when they left the refugio-it was actually embarrassing to me. People left trash everywhere, left the kitchen a mess, left beds disgustingly dirty, left showers filthy….and they aren´t in a five star hotel with someone paid to clean up after them, they are in a place that costs at most 6 euros a night! I gained a whole new appreciation for the work it takes to keep these refugios up and running, and I also learned that the work is done by volunteers or very lowly paid workers, who rarely get the appreciation they deserve."


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Marking this one as a must read!! Love her style! Thanks again Sil!


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I too read Gigi's blog and have throroughly enjoyed her observations.

Next year in April/May, I will be blogging from the Camino...this waiting to begin my adventure feels a bit like the months one waits between discovering one is pregnanet and finally giving birth. I spend my free hours reading insatiably about other people's experiences and biding my time.

And I assure you, I will not be one of those messy, inconsiderate individuals Gigi wrote about!

Life is good...

In Sunny Santa Fe
2023 Camino Guides
The 2023 Camino guides will be coming out little by little. Here is a collection of the ones that are out so far.
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We met Gigi in a private albergue in Arzua our last day before Santiago. My daughter was updating our blog and she was hers. She shared some of her pictures from her time in Panama with us and we enjoyed talking.
She appeared to have gone through alot on the Camino and I could tell by the brace on her ankle and her plan to continue, she wasn't giving up.
Her plans over the next few month's sounded like a globehopper's dream. I just remember she was going to England to live in a Buddist monestary to learn about the culture before heading to Nepal. there were five or six other countires in there too.


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