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GoLite backpack

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I tried in 09, it went horribly. Gonna try again. Aug/Sept this year
This doesn't seem like that light of a pack at 3lb 10 ozs. I have the Osprey Aura weighing in at the same weight and I'm thinking of taking it back and getting a seriously lightweight pack.

Some are as light as 10 ozs.... anyone tried any of those packs????


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I have a Go-lite Pinnacle--weighing in at 28 ounces. It is frameless though and there is no airflow padding at the back so it can be hot. It does have a water bladder sleeve so that can act to cool you off just a tad. It is designed for very lightweight but high volume (such as fluffy sleeping bag, fleece, etc.) stuff. The hip belt is also not padded. No problem again if your packed weight is light. I wouldn't load this guy up with weight above 16-20# for any distance.


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I just received my Golite Jam2 women's backpack. It is a feather weight at only 1pound 9 ounces, 43 liter capacity.
Just trying it out now. The first day was a little uncomfortable.... I think it was because my old backpack is well worn like an old shoe...fits just right and so comfy.
After a just a few days I am getting used to the Jam2, but the jury is still out as to whether or not I would recommend it. I need to take it on a "real" hike, not just walking around town.


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Just tried on an Osprey Exos--very nice pack and light. It has a minimum of do-das and the compression straps are mini. It weighs in less than two pounds. It does have a frame and an airflow back--but it is not adjustable for torso so you must be sure you have the correct size. I tried on a medium and the shoulders did not lie correctly. So I have ordered a small to see if that is better. I think this would be a better long distance, day after day pack. We'll see.
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Hi, I have recently found a women's Golite Lite-speed at less than half price and bought it - this is the 39 litre "old" model, not the new one which has been reduced to 28 litres. I have tried on lots and lots of packs in the last year and walked quite a bit with some of them (Osprey Talon 44, Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon 32, the old Women's Aura 35) but my back is very curved, and most of the men's or unisex packs are too straight for me, they dig into me with every step. This Golite has a framesheet which curves just right, and has no rigid stays going vertically down to dig into me. Weighs only 1.13 kgs, so it is light for the comfort and padding, I think - more comfortable than the Osprey Kestrel 38, which I thought was the best one yet. And I like the way it has a biiig, stretchy pocket at the front to dump water bottles, Altus and things in for easy access and the zip opening which makes it easy to find stuff when you're tired and just want to hit the shower ...

Has anyone walked any distance with this? Does the padded back get too hot? Is it as sturdy and stable as they make it out to be? I really like it so far, but by the time I have tried it properly it would be too late to return it, so any input or comments would be much appreciated.

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I praise the GoLite packs highly. Even the ones without a frame are quite comfortable is you use a mat for rigidity or stay at about 20#. Of course, you never need the mat! The models with a frame are more comfortable. The prime virtue is weight. Almost no packs are lighter than the GoLite line.

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