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I'm looking for a good, simple, straight forward and most up to date guide for the Northern routes. I'm planing to go on Primitivo next month and the 2 guides I have found so far on Amazon "The Way of St James" by CICERONE and "The Northern Caminos" by Dave Whitson don't have best reviews. The first is not so up to date regarding the albergues etc and the second apparently is complicated and heavy. If anyone could recommend to me a good guide that would be great. Thanks!



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If you have a basic understanding of Spanish, the Editorial Buen Camino guide is very good. The information is up to date and easy to follow.
They also have an app, which is in English. I used it recently on the Norte and the Baztan and really liked it.

Although the 'Northern Caminos' guide hasn't been updated yet, the authors re-walked those Caminos last year and put some really useful updates on their website and Facebook page.

Buen Camino!



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I think gronze is all you need for the Primitivo. It's very well marked. Since you must read Spanish if you've been using gronze, the Eroski online guides give good walking instructions so with gronze you've got it all.
I must admit -- it was translated to my primary English --


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Won't be returning in 2018 going on a dive trip instead.
The combined guide by Laurie was my primary source. Secondary was Wise Pilgrim. Wikiloc app is great to track your dustance traveled which is important since the stages are very long and without much services.


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Editorial Buen Camino and Cicerone both served me well.

Even if a book is not super up to date on albergues, you can take notes in from Ersoki, Gronze, etc., and find out about anything new about the next day’s stage from the hospy or fellow walkers.

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The CSJ guide to the Primitivo is light to carry. You can write in updates from CSJ itself (scroll page for pdf update link) and from gronze etc.
If anyone uses the CSJ guide then further updates are always appreciated as things do change even during the current year.

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The 2018 Confraternity of St James Camino Primitivo Guide book will be out soon. You'll be able to download the e-book or buy the paper version at their website or on Amazon. I was proud to be part of the revision team - we added the history and culture that is so significant to the Primitivo, "The First Camino."

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