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GPS route file for Cami del Llevant


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Hello Andy and others who might be interested.

There exists a GPS route file for this Camino which you can download from this site (after registering):

Two caveats: it is a route for mountain bikes and if you examine it closely you will see that it does not follow roads exactly but takes the form of a straight line between waypoints.

But given that this Camino is - apparently - badly signposted in some regions, having even an approximate GPS route could be very useful.

Best wishes,

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eamann said:
if you examine it closely you will see that it does not follow roads exactly but takes the form of a straight line between waypoints
that's the nature of GPS routes: how accurate they are depend entirely on how often a reading is taken. If you want it to accurately reflect the line, you have to take a reading every time there's a bend in the road/track/path.

thanks for this, but I think gps might be beyond my budget and technical competence. I've got the large scale michelin maps in addition to the strip maps in the Spanish and French guide books. I'll use these and a compass to get to the nearest pueblo if I get lost!

best wishes,


Sorry, I dont´s speak english well. I realiced the Cami del Llevant in 2005 with my mountain bike. Wikiloc´s track is mine.

I think the track is quite good and accurate. May be varied somewhere but It´s well marked. I recomended the guide of Asociación de amigos del Camino de Valencia His guide is very detailed and includes the maps 1/25.000. You can order it in

A salute to Peters Robins and Thank you for your wonderful web

Muchas gracias Zinaztli,

this is useful. I would recommend the Spanish Guidebook, the same as you.

Your website contains some beautiful pictures,

The one from Galicia (the round) and the one from Castilla & Leon. Individually numbered and made by the same people that make the ones you see on your walk.

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