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My darling and I will be starting again on the Camino Mozárabe from Almería in April this year. We had to cut short our pilgrimage last year because of a death in the family.

We have planned two nights in Granada, mainly because my darling deserves rest days from carrying a backpack, also because we love this city.

We would love to hear about hidden gems to be discovered in Granada.

These are the places we have already enjoyed in Granada: la Alhambra and el Generalife (we spent a whole day there), la Catedral, la Capilla Real, el Barrio del Albaicín (we stayed there twice), el Sacromonte, the Mirador de San Nicolás, the Palace of la Madraza, el Corral del Carbón, the Dar-al-Horra Palace, el Bañuelo, the area around La Puerta de Elvira, the Carmen de los Mártires, La Alcaicería, la Casa de Horno del Oro, along the Darro, the Paseo de los Tristes.

We look forward to hearing your suggestions!

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Wow, Andrew - you and Rachel have already enjoyed some wonderful sights in Granada and surrounds. I can't think of any others - I'm sure someone will come along with more gems. How wonderful that you can return to the Mozarabe - and to have so many delights in store - including both Cordoba and Merida, two of my favourite Spanish towns - though I have many favourites!


Spirit of the Camino (Nick)
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Buen camino! I have nothing to add about Granada unfortunately, and we have changed plans from the Mozárabe after all, so we won’t have another chance to visit Granada this year. But at least Melbourne is still on!

Steven Dwyer

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I enjoyed visiting the Monasterio de la Cartuja.

Another way to enjoy the Alhambra is to walk up the road by the Albacin on the opposite side of the gorge from the Alhambra at night. It’s a great view and you can be serenaded by the music from the shows in the gypsy caves.
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Camino Frances September/October (2014)
We went to the Palacios de los Olvidados - which had a gruesome exhibition about the Inquisition. When we went it also had an exhibition about the history of Jewish people in Granada and the expulsion. This was what we went for and it was fascinating. It helps if you have a bit of Spanish.

sharon w

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One place we enjoyed was the house of Manuel de Falla. He was a Spanish composer. His house is set up exactly as he lived in it. We had a very interesting visit.
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