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rioja routard

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Ive been resting in Pamplona for a day with my German friend Ilka.
I struggled from SJPP to Roncesvalles, recommend taking supplies to keep energy levels up as the last leg I nearly ran out of water and had eat all food. Take a can of red bull and have some fruit handy. I was totally exhausted, I lay down in the snow surrounded by forests and mountains and wondered how I could continue. Then I watched a tiny field mouse hopping around me, it seemed almost tame and just looked at me and I at it. I thought if this creature can survive so will I. I carried on and got to the summit and then down to Roncesvalles.

Next day I managed to get all the way to Pamplona. I set off in a snow blizzard and the afternoon was quite spring like. The Camino, though was a qaugmire of rivers and mud, incredible to behold and almost unpassable. Quite a challenge. Had a relaxing day today and went for a lovely lunch at a village called Ujué.

Setting off towards Puente de la Reina tomorrow and just taking it easy. I end at Logroño which is where I started from last October. It must be said it is a lot more pleasent walking in the cool than the heat.

Buen Camino to all
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Wow! Did you cram it in or what! Loved your field mouse story - he/she may have saved your life you know .....
thanks for the sharing - really enjoyed it, safe route and happy return

The field mouse may well have saved your life as Br.David stated.
Maybe himself/herself and all their ancestors had seen many a pilgrim pass by, many in a similar condition to yourself.

I wonder what a little mouse would think of such a sight. Maybe they are there to will you on, as that little mouse did to you rioja routard.

Stay safe and buen voyage spirituel
I am in Lorca


I went to set off from Pamplona on Monday and could not set out due to endless heavy rain. I ended up staying another night at my friends. I even got soaked just walking around Pamplona.

Left yesterday and got to puente la reina, and it seems much of the Camino had been closed by the police with alternative diversions. The mud and slurry is just horrendous. Just when it seems it can not get worse it does! Never mind, it is part of the fun, I guess?

Leaving Puente today was the worst, just unbelievable. Holding onto fences, having a stick helps. It took me over an hour and a half to get to Maneru which is only 5km!

Cirauqui looks a really nice village to stop and indeed this place at Lorca is nice, free internet and a bocadilla and a cerveza 3 euros.

Ok I am off, where I don´t know, just follow those yellow arrows and stop when my feet and soul call it a day!

buen camino
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Hi James. Pretty horrid - but think how you can lord it over people who had easy weather in future years!!
I'm parked 10 km west of Carrion, along the Roman road - the Via Trajana. See you there in a little while. Do stop and say hello. Wind was so suddenly fierce there this avo that it destroyed my canopy and I had to go and buy another - the frame completely spaghettied before I could get it down ... what can you do..

Have met some wonderful people out there - is life not good?

Enjoy! - Vaya Con Dias.
Kind - many thanks. Though - I felt sorry for the pilgrims walking against that wind. Met a Polish guy carrying over 20 kilos - he was tired!. It is good out here ... some people really have some snow stories too! Lots of Spanish out there, it being Easter week.


Very tired but got here from Vilamayor, around 30km. Weather better but it was snowing last night.

When I got to Los Arcos I read with sadness in a newspaper in a bar about the British Pilgrim. I just about worked out the jist of it. It brought home to me how it is a serious walk in that area especially in poor weather conditions

I loved the church at Los Arcos and noticed all the procession floats being prepared in the cloisters.

Seems a really good atmostphere here with Good Friday tomorrow.

Actually feels spring like with lots of frogs croaking and wild birds singing.

Thats it, back home tomorrow once I get to Logrono.

It has been really hard with the bad weather and the way just a slippery river of slurry at times.

Good luck to everyone I met, especially the English couple with their Tibetan Terrier, Toby!

Buen Camino
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