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Does anyone have a list of the albergues that have community dinners for pilgrims. Last time I walked I stayed in Granon and loved the bonding over dinner. I'm hoping to return and walk in September/October.
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Mansilla de las Mulas.

The church refugio at Viana offers a family style dinner and is a great place to stay if you don't mind the pad-on-floor. No beds, but the priest does a nice pilgrim's mass and it's very friendly.

Also, the auburgue at Ciraqui offered a dinner for 10 Euro.

San Anton and San Nicholas also offered a meal.
Orisson, the Private albergue in Cirauqui Maralotx and Uterga Camino del Perdon offered group dining as well.
Villamayor de Monjardin Donativo Parroquial serves breakfast.
PS.Doesn´t the small donativo by the catedral in Logrono serve dinner as well?
In 2007 we had communal meals at Granon, Tosantos, San Bol, (they also serve dinner at Hospital San Nicolas) Boadilla (not donativo) Bercianos, Manjarin, Ave Fenix at Villafranca del Bierzo (not donativo), Albergue Vegetariano at La Faba (not donativo). If you walk to Finisterre you will have a donativo meal at San Roque albergue outside Corcubion.
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yes, the albergue at the church in Logrono offers a communal meal, but you have to sign up for it & help out. When I was there 2 years ago, "helping out" meant cleaning up afterwards. With many hands, it took maybe 10-15 minutes. The meal was wonderful & kitchen duty was loads of fun. :)

If anyone has any other info on this albergue, please forward it to the guy who puts the CSJ guide together. AFAIK, I am the only one who has reported anything to him about that albergue.


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