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Hi folks,

I've been enthralled by this website for the last couple of weeks as I prepare for my camino. Unfortunately in trawling thru my list of preparations I only realised today that I've left it too late to get the CSJ Guidebook, doh!. Is it possible to pick up the guidebook in SJPP or Roncevalles? If not are there other guidebooks that will be available and of these which one do you recommend?

I arrive in SJPP around midday on Friday 17th Aug. I know the leg from SJPP to Roncevalles is quite long for the first day, so trying to ease myself onto the pilrim path I'm trying to locate somewhere 2 hrs outside SJPP to stop for the first night. I read a post a few weeks ago about an auberge 7 or 8 km outside SJPP, but can't recall what thread the post was in.

I'd also like to try the Napoleon route.
I'm also trying to timetable in the pilgrims blessing etc.

Obviously managing all of these variables is where a guidebook could be most useful. :oops:

Any suggestions appreciated.

PS If there's anyone in Galway willing to part with their CSJ Guidebook give me a shout before this Friday.

Thanks again for providing this great cyber-camino, -a vibrant campostella of buzzing electrons.

All the best,



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Hey SligoRover,
I used a Cicerone book as a guide. It was given to me as a gift by a previous pilgrim. While it is no entirely up to date, I found it quite compact and the index in the back clearly indicates the towns and villages disrtances and also the presence or absence of an alburgue.
It can be got in any major book store like watersones or hodges figgis.
Hope thie helps.

Buen Camino.



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Camino Frances (2006)

You can buy any of the CSJ pilgrim guides at Rabanal, but by the time you get there, you probably won't need it. I don't think you can buy one in SJPP or Roncesvalles. Try to look for other guide books. There are plenty out there (but for me the CSJ is still the best).



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The El Pais guide book is good, even if your Spanish is rubbish. You can get it over there.

With regards to the first day being quite long, I'd have to say that it's not as long as it is steep. It's a climb to the top, then a steep slope down to Roncesvalles. Don't worry too much about it. It's just a case of getting on with it and once you're in a rhythm, you'll be fine.

If you've not got a stick/pole already, I'd recommend one as the down slope to Roncesvalles is veeeeery steep.

Buen Camino and I might see you around... I'm leaving SJPdP on Sunday.


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Don't know about SJPP but when I did my camino last year from Roncesvalles, I got my guide book there. It's right across the pilgrim office at Roncesvalles. Hope that helps.

Guide Book to the Camino ->


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Thank you for Guidebook tips

Hi fellow peregrinos,

Just a thank you for the useful advice and tips I received in response to my query.

I really appreciate them.

A little burden is lifted, and I will start my pilgrimage with a lighter step, thanks to you.

Mucho gracias,



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also, keep in mind that in SJPP they give you the information that you need (maps, layout of the land, location of water, phone numbers and locations of albergues). I didn't actually go with a guidebook, and ended up with one about 10 days in because someone for some reason brought 3, and gave me one. Even if you don't have a guidebook and want info in addition to what you are given at the start, you can look on someone else's book.

I don't recall there being anywhere to buy anything in Roncesvalles. There is really nothing there. A place to get your credential, a small bar/restaurant, and the monistary/albergue. But, maybe I am mistaken. However, you will be passing through Pamplona on your 3rd day or so and you can definately buy a guide book there. I also have heard that the El Paiz book is the best one out there, even though it is in spanish.

you are from Galway?? I was living there this past year, until I started my camino in April!

west coast paul

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Re: Guidebook and Credential


where specifically in St.Jean Pied-du-Port do I get a credential and maps etc.?
tourism office?

i have no idea where the train will take me... near town, i town?
i am ready to be lost, but a general idea would be appreciated.



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SJPP is really quite small, you'll be able to figure it out pretty easily (or follow other pilgrims there!). The train station is right on the outskirts of town, and the place you get your credential etc is the pilgrim office on the main street, right up from the albergue with a picture of a chicken on the logo. Ask anyone in town, and they will be able to help you!


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