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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago



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Camino Frances (2006)
Ray Bertoia and his wife, who have DVD's of their camino available for those interested, did use a handcart, though they encountered several equipment problems on the way.



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Call me old fashioned, but is a rucksack not a little easier? I can't think of any need for something so cumbersome when you don't really need to carry lots and lots of stuff.
the expression "going to hell in a handcart" springs to mind

there's a lovely line in the Tim Moore book on his Camino with donkey when he's looking disapprovingly at other pilgrims arranging for their luggage to be transported one day and his brother says "well at least they're carrying some of their luggage for some of the time"
You beat me to it, Spursfan. It sounds like hell to me - the biomechanics are all wrong, and a recipe for lower back problems if unused to that kind of work. OK if you're Molly Malone, and used to wheeling your wheelbarrow...

Anyway, I have had so much fun whittling my pack weight down to 6Kg, and still managing to have a few luxuries, and enough stuff to cover most eventualities (I hope - I've brought the suture kit, but no defibrillator). I wouldn't have had a fraction of the enjoyment without that.

I think a sedan chair is the way to go. Or elephant plus howdah? But I'm off in a week, and think I'll stick with Shank's pony.



People do it, a staff, one pole/two poles, backpack, handcart, burro, horse, bike, car, camel...wonder what it'd be like on an elephant? Best, xm 8)


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Camino(s) past & future
Camino Frances 2006, Camino Portuguese 2009
I actually saw a man with one of those on a very rocky downhill section. He didn't look very happy.


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Camino(s) past & future
Camino Frances (2006)
I sure wouldn't want to be on an elephant coming down El Acebo to Molinaseca!



Maggie Ramsay
Camino(s) past & future
Santiago de Compostela (2005) Via Francigena (2010) Le Puy to St Jean (2014)
We heard about a guy (this is supposed to be true) who took his very old dog with him recently. The dog could walk for about half the day then became too tired. The man had a wheelbarrow with him and would then put the dog in it and continue on to the destination.


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I saw one guy using a cart on the Camino back in 2005 (see picture below). He looked really worn out but determined. I don't know...it doesn't look energy efficient to me. But I guess it would depend on your particular situation. I wonder if it would be easier to pull or push a handcart.

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