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has a pilgrim died at Estella?


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Hello, saw someone recieving CPR near the municial albergue this afternoon and was later told that a female pilgrim had passed away. Can anyone confirm this as this has left me feeling quite sad - I hope I am wrong.

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The Police Estella serves a pilgrim who suffered a heart attack
DN. Estelle Tuesday, May 27, 2008 - 04:00 h.La Municipal Police Estella met Sunday to early afternoon to a German pilgrim who had just suffered a heart attack and who was lying on the street a few meters before Curtidores Hostel. The man, about 60 years, received first aid from other pilgrims with knowledge of nursing, which was instrumental in saving his life. After Garcia was taken to hospital Orcoyen.-

Diario de Navarra
La Policía de Estella atiende a un peregrino que sufrió un infarto
DN . ESTELLA Martes, 27 de mayo de 2008 - 04:00 h.La Policía Municipal de Estella atendió el domingo a primera hora de la tarde a un peregrino alemán que acababa de sufrir un infarto y que se hallaba tendido en la calle Curtidores pocos metros antes del albergue. El hombre, de unos 60 años, recibió los primeros auxilios de otras peregrinas con conocimientos de enfermería, lo que fue decisivo para salvar su vida. Después fue trasladado al hospital García Orcoyen

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