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Has anyone tried this (possibly) unique blister prevention?

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Tio Huero

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I read (somewhere) that applying Superglue or liquid bandage to a hot spot is an effective blister prevention regimen.
Your thoughts?


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Tio Huero said:
I read (somewhere) that applying Superglue or liquid bandage to a hot spot is an effective blister prevention regimen.Your thoughts?Gracias, Tio
Very interesting question and not as outlandish as it appears at first sight. Some pilgrims use duck tape to cover hot spots on the principle if you can cut down friction on the place where a blister might appear then it won't. Liquid bandage or New Skin might work the same way. Some types of superglue have been used for years as a medical adhesive but also some types are irritants as well. Even if Superglue (allowing it to dry thoroughly) helped relieve hot spots there would still be the problem of it being left on the skin. It doesn't attract me as a solution.


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Wasn't superglue invented to hold torn flesh together for wounded battlefield soldiers during the Vietnam War?

I can't see how it would help - you only use a tiny drop .... plenty of traditional ways of protecting a hotspot from further harm .....

though, I'm always looking for more first aid tips so please do try it when you are out there and let me know how it went - :wink:


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You can prevent blisters by rubbin your feet with surgical spirit. It aids in the hardening/thickening of the foot and helps build calluses in those rubbing areas instead of blister. I also used to use this when drumming. Hardening the skin on your hands and never got blisters


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If you wear two pair of light socks with a light plastic bag between like those suppplied by supermarkets, works perfect.
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In German speaking Europe, "Hirschtalg" creme is quite popular amongst hikers and mountaineers. During my camino in fall 2009 I used to put it on my feet every morning and I did not have any blisters at all. Unfortunately, this great stuff is totally unknown in Spain. Try googleing for "Hirschtalg" or "adeps cervinus".


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I only have best results with deer tallow. Deer tallow is used in clinics for patients who have to lie in bed for 24 h. It helps the skin stay healthy while under constant pressure and lack of oxygen. The only minor con is the weight of deer tallow. It has its weight, but the great benefit makes it worth to carry it, no question about it. Carry only the amount you will use. I start to cream my feet about a week before i start to walk a tour. By the time of walking my feet will are perfect soaked and prepared. On the Camino, every morning i put on deer tallow on my feet and i am ready to go. Deer tallow is an essential item on my list.

Buen Camino!


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Anniesantiago said:
The best blister prevention is the right shoes and a light load.
This would get a thumbs up from me if we could do that.

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