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Has the camino become just another trend?

Hi all

Of course, I think the answer to the question is no!

A "friend" of mine today criticized me for wanting to walk the camino saying it means nothing anymore. He says in Italy (where I live) it's just become a trend. :(

Although I know I don't have to justify my decision to anyone, I was shocked by this cynical opinion. I try to respect others' opinions but was amazed at this reaction.

Anyway, I've written a little response to get it "out out of my system": http://la-via-lattea.blogspot.com/2006/ ... de_25.html

I'd be interested to hear if other people have had similar reactions from people they know and how they dealt with it.

Buen camino


One question? Has this friend done the walk himself? I ask because if he has, he wouldn't have said that.

Everyone has their own reasons for walking and completing the Camino, but I can honestly tell you that I never met anyone who had a "bad" reason. I did it 5 years ago, but no one seemed to think it was trendy (I hope things haven't changed of course), but it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life --and I have experienced many things.

Don't listen to this person - just go and have the best experience you can possibly have - for yourself. You will never regret going and will remember it for the rest of your life!

Good luck,
Thanks for your reply.

No this friend has not walked the Camino

I have walked the Camino francés 3 years ago and for me it was a very special experience - one of the best in my life (so much so that I've dedicated a whole blog to it).

The aim of my posts here and on my blog was to highlight a scepticism that I have encountered here in Italy in some quarters (not just with this friend) and to see if other people have also experienced similar reactions elsewhere. In Italy, so many people are doing the camino (second in no.s for issued compostela certificate after spaniards) that I guess there's a dose of cynicism creeping in amongst others who might be tempted but find it easier to put down the experience.

It hasn't dampened my spirit for the Camino at all.

Thanks for your best wishes.
You're welcome, and GOOD LUCK! I'm so excited for you - only a couple of days left before you start. I am not leaving for a couple more weeks, but I will think of your spirit as I walk in your footsteps.

Have a great time and may you learn a lot.


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