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Hola todo los perigionos!

As a 'golden oldie' female who wears glasses I would like suggrstions re head gear. I'll be walking El Camino Aragonés starting 24th April so it could be very cold. I need a stiff peak or brim when its raining to keep rain off the glasses and then in the sun the glare and heat might be great. And I have to watch the back of my neck.(I am fair skinned Irish!) (I do hope to get to Compostella by end of June. Is there such a 'once off' hat, sun, wind, rain,heat and packable or will I need two. Any help greatly appreciated.

Un saludo,
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In Australia we can get "legionaire" hats - they are like a baseball cap with cloth hanging from the back of them. They are sometimes called the "frilled necked urban turban" hat. They are lightweight, washable and would be suitable for what you need. It will just depend if you can find them there and in time. My sister who lived in UK couldn't and I had to send her some over. Here are some sites showing 2 different styles of these hats - one is just a buff you wear under another baseball cap or by itself, the other is the frilled necked urburn turban" from the sun cancer prevention organisation here in australia. Good luck. Cheers, Jane ... Itemid=120
I built my own rudimentary protection cutting a piece of an old T-shirt around one of the sleeves. I use it under my hat, placing my head inside the sleeve and having the the rest hanging in the back. You can cut it the size and the shape more confortable to you. It works perfectly.
I usually threw away the sleeves when cutting old T-shirts to use them to clean the house until I found this use for them.
Hope you find it useful too

Thanks Janeh an nico500 for your advice. I've seen something similar in my local sports shop in Westport. Wonder is it also waterproof. But my gut instinct is that I need an all round brim.

Greetings from the West of Ireland, where we don't usually have a heat problem ,except last summer.!!

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