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Health Food Stores

Will there be health food stores along the camino in the larger cities?

It would be great to be able to replace what I use along the way (supplements) rather than packing everything with me....

Buen Camino


Will there be health food stores along the camino in the larger cities?
I've never seen any. But then, I wasn't searching for one. What my veggie friends do is either prepare their food themselves at the albergues or, when they eat out, order a la carte. Best, xm 8)
I am OK with the food, and am not looking for vegetarian things. ...... I am more interested in being able to replace supplements (vitamins) and buy natural remedies, i.e. tea-tree oil etc.

Taking magnesium supplements is an excellent preventive for sore aching muscles. I really don't want to pack everything with me, so it would be nice to be able to pick things up as I need them.

These questions are to help me decide what I really have to bring, and what I can easily get when I am there.

Thanks all the info.

I can't wait to be able to offer my experience as a seasoned caminoite :p


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I haven't seen health food stores as such. But you should be able to replace supplements from most farmacias along the way. As in many European countries, 'alternative' naturopathic medicine is considered just as normal as orthodox medicine. So, vitamin and mineral supplements, along with many naturopathic remedies are easily obtainable.


Hi Lora, I like that term, "caminoite, " sounds like Portuguese &/or Galego coming together, as "campus stellae" may have at one time, to make up some divine word. I think of sharing one's Caminos' experiences a serious responsibility (with a sense of humor, in there somewhere) that we, that have walked them, should talk about with new pilgrims and even among the experienced ones. It leads to more, better, and never enough, insight, among other things. It's also a way of giving back to something that we have benefited so much from. Welcome aboard, caminoite :!: Buen Camino, xm 8)
Hi everyone,
I seem to remember a Health Food Store in Jaca, near the Cathedral on the square. Don't know if it is still there but I would hazard a guess it is. I too am interested for things like nuts and dried fruit - a light, nurishing snack type food for El Camino.

I always miss my organic,wholegrain cereals when in Spain. Some kind of 'Pan intergal' - (brown bread) - is usually found now in the bakeries in Aragón.
Thanks for tip re magnesium , Lora. Almonds seem to be a good source. Readily available in Spain, and easy to carry.
Buen Camino
As a vegetarian I often shop in those places. I cannot say about the rest of the Camino but in Pamplona there are several health stores were you can find a wide range of products (depending on the shop) going from organic fresh fruit and vegs, to food suplements.
I would guess that it would not be different in other cities along the Camino like Logroño, Burgos or Leon, but anyway many supermarkets have got a health food section and in the case of the big retail companies their stock should be similar. In that respect "El Corte Ingles" (a sort of Mark's and Spencer) would be a good choice as their section is really complete.


As they like to say, "Lo que no tiene el Corte Ingles, no existe." (Whatever you can't find at El Corte Ingles, it doesn't exist).


xm 8)
Hey Lora!
I had a similar question regarding my supplments (which would be really hard to find in spain). my plan is to post them to myself using the post resesante thing (i need to learn how to spell that). bascially you go to a post office and get a box (they have them there, all different sizes) drop your stuff in and then send it to another town, and pick itup in that post office. not every post office does this, but there is a list. they say 30 days is usually about how long they'll hold them for.

just a thought!

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