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Heavy snowfalls in Cebreiro



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The radio this morning reported of places in Galicia with 4 meters of snow (!). I have a hard time believing it, I think we should say that "It has snowed a lot". This is ofcourse only true only above 500-800 meters. Santiago de Compostela has about 1-2 c as a low.

This picture is from O Cebreiro (El Correo Gallego):

Read full article here:
http://www.elcorreogallego.es/index.php ... 4&Itemid=9

Peter Robins

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O Cebreiro webcam still shows very wintry scene, though visibility has improved a bit; enough to see that they have at least got the road clear.

Peter Robins

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Snow widespread in N Spain, even some in Madrid; photos at http://www.lavozdegalicia.es/albumes/in ... 6226145034

An article in Voz de Galicia claims that Cebreiro is now seeing a new sort of 'pilgrim': those looking for winter sports, driving up there with skis, snowboards, etc.
http://www.lavozdegalicia.es/inicio/not ... TO=4552644

I've decided the problem with visibility on the Cebreiro webcam is that the lens has frozen over - anyone got any opinions on this?

Wintry conditions set to continue, with more snow forecast over the next few days.

Later edit: photo of Camino between Herrerias and Vega de Valcarce on way up to Cebreiro
http://www.diariodeleon.es/inicio/notic ... TO=4552875
see also photo of church buried in snow in mountain village to the north of Ponferrada (not on Camino) http://www.diariodeleon.es/inicio/notic ... TO=4552873
Cruz de Ferro pass currently closed to traffic.
And it seems parts of Burgos province had non-stop snow for more than 30 hours, though the webcam shows only a thin coating of snow in the city itself. http://www.burgoscity.com/burgos/webcam.php


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