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hello from the road!


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Just droppin a note to say hi from 2 weeks into the camino, it is an amazing experience. Thanks for all of the advice beforehand; to let you know, I listened and left from St.Jean instead of Roncesvalles (you were right! it was amazing and perhaps the most incredible day of walking so far), and I also did not take the mandolin which my back thanks me for.

It has been incredible, but I am stuck on doctors orders for 3 or 4 days in Burgos right now (terrible monster blister that became severely infected, that I got after my boots got wet. basically have no skin left on my toes, bah.). I am anxious to get walking again, but I need to let my foot heal.

So to let other people learn from my mistake: DO NOT put compeed on a blister. The blister is likely to get infected because you can´t regularly clean it and take care of it and then the compeed will rip all your skin off and you´ll be in my position. Put compeed on as a preventative measure but not after a blister has formed.

Anyways, aside from the blister and a bit of tendenitis I am doing fabulously and having the time of my life. The other day I saw a puma in a town! A guy had it on a leash. Had a magical evening in Grañon.... I highly recommend staying in the albergue there if you can. Yesterday 2 guys from the country Georgia came into the algerbue and interviewed me for a documentary they are making about the camino to put on Georgian TV! haha. So very strange. The funniest things happen on the camino... I love it.
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Hola! Glad you DID start at SJPP... See? Nothing to be afraid of was there?!

Bad news about the blister, though... I'm afraid to say it does happen. Every I know has a different approach to blisters... I just leave em be and smther them with Vaseline!

Granon is a marvellous place... again, you're not alone when you say it's great. A guy I met on my first Camino said it was one of THE best bits of the Camino...

Buen Camino, Fiddletree :)


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People who have done the Route Napoleon to Roncesvales always tell others to do it because it is so nice, although being attentive for weather conditions... we don't lie :lol:

Too bad for your blister; keep it clean, get some rest and it will be gone before you know it. I am not a fan of Compede products either.

We are all anxious, I'm sure, to have your next post telling us you are on the road again Fiddletree. You are a star now :wink:

Buen Camino



I had two days at Granon, it was so lovely there.
The Padre, who I`m ashamed to say I can`t remember his name was an amazing man and done the most amazing Pilgrim blessing and on my 1st night he took some of us Perigrinos up into the choir where we passed a candel around and took turns to speak, prey, sing, whistle or whatever we wanted. It was such an emotional experience that most of us came out in tears.


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When I was in Grañon last week, the Hospitalero was Arturo... what a great guy. I came in from walking in the rain and snow all day and he gave me a cup of coffee, a blanket to wrap myself in, and a hot bowl of soup. We also had a ceremony for us pelegrinos that evening where we said things, sang, passed the candle, etc. So far for me, it was definately the highlight of my camino so far. I was very moved by it, to be sure.

Right now my hospitalero has been takin care of me and has even brought me to the doctor at the hospital every day! I am constantly amazed by how helpful people are, it really renews my faith in how great people are. Today went to the doc again and she said that I can maybe walk tomorrow... probably shouldn´t, but I can. My feet are antsy, 2.5 days off is enough for me.... hopefully they will carry me to Santiago! Thanks everyone for the well wishes.
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magical...Grañon...a Camino jewel in an Ethiop's ear...Buen Camino, fiddletree! xm 8)


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Fiddletree... Don't be amazed... That's the Camino... It's the way it is, just appreciate the cameraderie... I think it brings out the best in people, hence the reason it means so much to me.. I was pretty bad before I found... well I won't go into it, all I can say is that before, I was wrong, afterwards... Well, I just try to be right......... Makes me a bit sobby to think about it, to be honest....... Buen Camino.

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