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Hello lovely people. Newbie here looking for advice on 2 weeks walking in October.


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Oct 2018
Hello all,

Just looking for a bit of advice as I’m hoping to start my Camino journey from Saint Jean Pied de Port for two weeks in early October.

I’m just wondering where you would suggest my finishing point could be and where I could potentially fly back from?

Also to those who have walked in October, how have you found it? Looking to do the rest in Spring of next year but would like to make a start on my journey of the soul.

Many thanks,
Adele Xxx


"When I Have Your Wounded" - Dustoff Motto
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Sept. 2017: SJPdP to Burgos
Sept./Oct. 2018: SJPdP to Santiago de Compostela
Hi, Adele, welcome to the Forum :)

You could end in Burgos, then catch a bus to Madrid and the airport there. There are no airports directly along the Frances from which you can fly directly home at the end of your two weeks walk.

Below are a couple of links which may be of help as you begin

FAQs about a pilgrimage on a Camino

UR Camino Planner

The good news is, you are in a forum with a wonderful group of people. Most are here to help people like you to achieve their pilgrimage goals. We can offer you encouragement, knowledge, and point you in the direction that will help you help yourself.

My suggestion to start is this:
  1. Take a deep breath. Write down in large letters the reasons why you want to go on Camino. Place that piece of paper where you can see it every day. That way, if anxieties and fears threaten to overwhelm you as you plan, you can just breath, read what you have written, and focus on those reasons until the negative stuff fades.
  2. Make a list of questions and concerns that you have.
  3. Go to the Search Engine at the top of the Forum pages.
  4. Enter the words or phrase that you want more information about. You will get a huge amount of information to explore.
  5. If you find that you need help with anything, post a new thread so that your question or concern can be readily seen. If you post a question within someone else's thread, you won't receive as big of a response.

Stephen Nicholls

Steve Nicholls, Suffolk, U.K.
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Hello all, Also to those who have walked in October, how have you found it? Looking to do the rest in Spring of next year but would like to make a start on my journey of the soul.
Hi Adele!
I think you'll get some great advice from others - I haven't walked the French camino, as I like peace and quiet - but I HAVE walked five other routes in Spain.
October can be a beautiful month: of course you are well into autumn, but some wild flowers will still be out: just take some "layers" to keep warm, and maybe a poncho in case of rain.
Blessings from England ....

Deleted member 12253

Failte to forum. I am starting from sjpdp on 18 or 19 oct. 2 weeks will get you to Burgos easily. Bus Burgos to Bilbao in 2 hours and fly home. Bus station in Burgos across the river from cathederal and airport bus at bus station bilbao buen camino
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First Part Oct. 5 2018 (StJ)-Oct. 19 (Boadillo); 2nd Part May 5 (Boadilla) to May 26, 2019.
How was it? I left StJPdP on the dawn of October 6 (having spent the night at Beilari) and arrived in Boadilla del Camino on Friday the 19th. It was a beautiful journey, with only a few drizzly days. I met great people. I hope to finish in May 2019.

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