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Help needed for my short film about the Camino (France)

Col Prosser

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So you’ve got home from the Camino and been asked the question “how was it”?
I have found answering this question to be difficult. Generally people want something brief and to the point. But there are no quick answers that could do my experiences justice. If you’re talking to someone who has no direct experience of the camino, eyes can glaze over. People often just “don’t get it”.

So how to get the point across?
I know, let’s make a film based around the Camino France.
My proposal is to interview some willing participants at the start of the journey to hear about their hopes and expectations. After that, I was thinking of heading either to the Meseta or to Santiago itself to hear from a different group of people about how it all went and whether the camino delivered over and above their hopes and expectations.

Here are some questions for the beginning:
  1. What are you doing here?
  2. What are you leaving behind?
  3. What are you hoping for?
  4. What are you expecting?
  5. What do you want to be different when you go back
  6. What’s going to be difficult?

And some for the end (or towards the end)
  1. What have you enjoyed so far
  2. What has been the best experience?
  3. What has been difficult?
  4. Has it been how you expected to be?
  5. Have you discovered anything about yourself? Others?
  6. What is the beauty of the Camino

Interested in taking part? Here’s where I’ll be:

St. John Pied de Port - 30th July until about the 1st August
Meseta (probably mainly Castrojeriz) - from 1st Aug to 4th Aug
Santiago - 4th Aug to 7th Aug

Please do get in touch if you’d like to join in
Many thanks,
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What will be the audience for the video and how will it be used?
1. People who just don't get it
2. To stop their eyes glazing over

That's quite the challenge. From experience, "eyes glazed over," is the reaction of many people to experiences that are way out of their field of experience. It's a common theme among people who have been on a foreign adventure that they find some distance in the conversations with friends when they return. The traveler wants to talk about amazing, mind-stretching, incredible things that they experienced ... but the people they encounter can't process it. They're interested enough or polite enough to ask about it but their brains aren't tuned to the right frequency, their immune systems reject the foreign body, they simply don't have the mental architecture to accommodate the stuff that the traveler wants to share.
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It's no different a conversation than when people come back from any 'exotic' vacation. People ask about the trip out of politeness, but really aren't that inerested in the answer and they don't want to see the home movies or all of the pictures.

My vast experience of coming home from wherever has taught me: maybe five of the best pictures, the answer "it was great (or awful)" and one anecdote if it's funny or scary, or involved the police or sex.

Anything more than that is more than most want to hear. Occassionally you can say more, if eyes haven't glazed over and they show a real interest, but not often.

A very close friend or family member has to endure a longer version of a story, and perhaps more of them, but generally prefer not all at once.

Col Prosser

New Member
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Frances (2014)
What will be the audience for the video and how will it be used?
Hi Robo
I plan to put up on You Tube / Vimeo. I envisage the audience to be anyone who has wondered what all the fuss is about and goes on to search "Camino".
I see you've made film(s) too... I'll check them out!


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@Col Prosser I suggest that you edit your initial post and remove your phone number! This is a public forum and anyone can find your phone number. Members can contact you via private message and you can give out your phone number after you have communicated privately.


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