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29th April 2023 (en el futuro)
Hola a todos, I have arrived in Villaviciosa, I am staying with friends here and they have suggested that I can do some of the Camino De Santiago from here, where do people meet? Where do I stay? Do I need to book places, do people have recommendations for places to stay? What things do I need? Ayudame porfaaa :D gracias y thank you
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A couple of hours before sleeping in an Asturian albergue, my advice is to have a very large serving of fabada and a side of cabrales, washed down by bottle of sidra natural. You'll have guaranteed some personal space.
Seriously though, Gronze has everything you need and Brierley's Primitivo guide starts from the place you're currently in.
That's a lot of questions, amigo :)

I suggest you use the search function on the site with phrases/words like "booking in advance, packing lists", etc.

Buen Camino!
You can walk right from Villaviciosa. Your friends might be able to find the first arrows with you.
I would suggest walking towards Oviedo and then taking the Primitivo towards Santiago. I'm not sure how much time you have. The following webpages would get you started with route and accommodation information. (Alternatively you could stay on the Camino del Norte - for which you will find information on the same website) etc etc

You don't need to book. Just pack some clothes (not too many) and make sure you have comfy shoes (I'm assuming your friends think you are fit enough to take this on).
Spend a couple of hours looking at the maps and accommodations to have an idea of how it might pan out, and then follow the arrows!
Oh, forgot to mention you will need a Credencial to prove you are a walking pilgrim in you want to stay in albergues. I know you can get them at the cathedral in Oviedo but that does not help you the night before Oviedo - I don't know if there's somewhere to pick one up in Villaviciosa - maybe someone else can chime in. Perhaps you could even try explaining your situation when you get to Pola de Siero and they might take pity on you - or perhaps they have one you can purchase on the spot.
Ideal sleeping bag liner whether we want to add a thermal plus to our bag, or if we want to use it alone to sleep in shelters or hostels. Thanks to its mummy shape, it adapts perfectly to our body.
If they don't have credentials before Oviedo just get the hospitalero to stamp and date on a plain piece of paper and glue into your credential when you can get one. We have done this and it worked OK for us.
Ahhh thank you everyone, I will look on the sites and have been looking on Gronze site, really good site! Thank you for all the recommendations and sip, my friends said I will be ok just to take a book, bag, water pack and good shoes and a snacks :D and to find accommodation along the way HA! Maybe I will risk and hope that the Camino will provide (as I have been reading on this site that this will happen JAJA!). Gracias

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