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Help with google translate and the Mozárabe guide

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One member of our band of Mozárabe wanderers has asked about how she might be able to translate the online Association guide into English with google translate. She can only do it by cutting and pasting on a page by page basis and is frustrated.

As the least tech-qualified member of the forum, I thought I would put that question out there for some of the tech angels on the forum.


Many thanks, buen camino, Laurie


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I tried to play around with this, but found that Google Translate has a maximum input of 5000 characters, and I counted 32.593 in the text-file. I guess she's stuck with page by page work, unless someone else has a different solution.

C clearly

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The first 4 pages are easy to copy and translate. However, after the first 4 pages, there is very little straightforward "text" so I don't think Google translate will be very useful. The footnotes are repeated on each page and are translated anyway. This is the document that I'll take with me, mainly for the accommodation information which is very up-to-date.

Here are links to two English guides.
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I was successful by doing the following:

I downloaded the pdf from another place because the file you gave had an instruction in it for Google not to translate the file. I downloaded this:

Next I uploaded that to https://www.pdftohtml.net
(because the Chrome browser did not offer to translate the pdf)

After the conversion pdftohtml.net said to download a zipped file. I checked pdftohtml first with scamadvisor.com first (and I have nothing important on my PC anyway)

I picked the Chrome browser to display the unzipped file and Chrome offered to translate it.


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Purky now tells me in a PM that he has had some success and will spend some time cleaning up the format before sending it on. We will then post it in Resources.

Rick, I understand what you said as well as I understand it when my Norte buddy talks to me in his native Chinese. I think I am doing a good job by finally having figured out how to create a pdf.

I agree with C clearly that the essential part is really the names of places to sleep, distances and elevation profiles, but there is a fair amount of text in some of the pages that would be nice for non-Spansh speakers to be able to see.

Buen camino and many thanks to all, Laurie
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