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Hi, I am intending to begin the walk from St Jean on 1st Oct


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I would like to walk the Napoleon route but want to stay in Orison on the way. Does anyone have the contact details for the Alberge their ? This is my first time in Spain and I am a little nervous about the walk, but feel its the right time in my life ( I turned 50 this year ).
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Hi Cbaker,
Welcome to the forum. I see you already have the information re Orison. You say you feel nervous, but I think that is normal and as you get to St.Jean-P-de-P your nervousness will probably be turned into adrenalin, but don't let it push you too hard on the first day. Walking in October you will meet other pilgrims who will be a help and support along the way and, after a day or two, you will feel comfortable as you meet up each night with fellow pilgrims in the refugios.
By the way, I've stayed at Orison, the welcome is very good, and if you get clear weather you will have a wonderful first day - the views are spectacular.
Buen Camino,


Myself and two friends will be walking around the same time (St. Jean 5th Oct). Hopefully we'll see you on the trail.
Hi there, Having walked from Saint-Jean a couple of times in October, I just wanted to offer one suggestion: if you get away from St-Jean early and arrive at Orison in good time feeling strong and it's a fine day... keep walking. The weather in the mountains can change abruptly and it's worth taking advantage of good weather while it lasts. Enjoy your journey.
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Thanks Brendan, its great to get some encouragement from people even before I begin. As a 50 year old woman, who fears lots of things ( eg; getting lost etc ) your email is reassuring. I have just finished work yesterday and have 4 months off so now I have time to really reflect on what I am about to do. Its amazing the amount of encouragement I have already received from friends and family. I do know that I would find it difficult to tackle the first day without a stopover in Orisson as I whilst I can walk up hills OK, I'm pretty slow and even slower going downhill. Anyhow its all an act of faith and trust.
Hi Chris,
From one 50yo to another, good luck. I am leaving a couple of days after you and am also thinking of a stopover at Orisson. I will be pretty slow ( I have not done a lot of preparation) so our paths may not cross but you enjoy
Rod, it seems like its the thing to do at 50. I intend going at a snails pace for the first week until my body gets conditioned. Good luck.
Dear 50 year-old. ¡ Go for it! I did it when I was 51. Yeah, I had plenty of background but still... this year, I was the volunteer hospedero in León in July. I liked keeping the stats every day. We had more foreigners than Spaniards and a lot of folks over 40 going strong. Admitedly, they were mostly Germans. But that's OK. Don't be put off. Just try to do the Way with a bit of the spiritual aspect to it. There's a lot of that being lost now. Stay open to what the Way brings you.

Don't worry about the walk. The yours is the best age to walk. Try to train your body, your feet, of course your boots, before leaving to St. Jean, and don't forget to attend any problem on your feet as soon it appear. And, enjoy your Camino!!

Buen Camino

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.
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50 seems to be the age to tackle this! I'm planning my first Camino for September 2008 when I shall turn 50 and I know of at least one other board member doing the same thing. Let's show these youngsters how it's done

Looking forward to hearing your stories, and learning from your experiences
Wow you lucky lot, starting in October.! Wonderful! I wish you all the best and will be looking forward to your messages from the Camino. I am especially interested in how people in their 50s get over the Pyrenees! :oops: is how it would be for me now but hopefully by next April I will be fitter! :p Clarisa (en Camino abril 2008)
Hi All you 50+ Pilgrims,
50 isn't so old on the Camino! I first walked from Le Puy in'96 at 50 years and then walked from home in 2005 at 60 years. When working as hospitalero at Rabanal this year a German lady stayed at the refugio. She had done the pilgrimage several times but keeps on walking because she wants to die with her boots on - she was 74 years old!
Whatever age you are, have fun and enjoy the pilgrimage.

Buen Camino to you all,

Wow, seems like people in the 50's are a very active lot.

Hubby and I are starting in SJPP towards the end of May 2008 and we both in our 50's :D
Hi Mouse,
Welcome to the 'Forum'. I reckon when folks get to their 50's, their kids are gone and maybe the house is paid off and there is 'freedom' and ambition to do things. So we go 'go for it', and appreciate the spiritual side of the pilgrimage. The benefit for the 'Camino' is that there are people there who can help others with their experiences; but then we can also pick up from others.

Buen camino,
2 Camino guides, €5 each
Clearing out some books before my move to the new office in a few weeks.
Just all keep the stats flowing - I am also planning on doing the camino next September to celebrate my 50th birthday too! (is this our midlife crisis :lol: ) Happy birthday to us all! Jane
I turned 50 just over a month ago, and intend to start walking in Le Puy mid-April. Nahhhhh this is no mid-life crisis.... I have specialised in making my family worried with my travel plans for quite some time now!!!

Ha - it brings back good memories seeing these Kiwi posts. In July of 2007 I began the Camino in St. Jean with an older Kiwi (retired teacher in his 60s) named Nelson and a young Slovanian gal. Despite a 17K pack (he had to carry nice clothes for a wedding) with a buckle that broke the 2nd day, he easily outpaced me, a 40-year-old guy in reasonably good shape. Indeed, by the 2nd day he had left me behind and I never saw him again (his time was so limited in Spain that he couldn't loiter).

Granted, at the time my pack was heavier, and unlike me he was an avid, experienced hiker. But he was a powerhouse for a mid-60s guy, and I imagine that he went quite far on the Way (due to his time crunch he said he wouldn't be able to reach Santiago). He was a good man, and it was fun walking with the both of them (while I could - she was a 26 year old teacher/ski instructor, and I couldn't keep up with her either). So in his memory, I wish all you Kiwis a buen Camino! :)

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