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Hola from Cizur Menor!

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Hi everyone!
Arrived in Cizur today after spending an easy day in Pamplona. Doing well but taking it very easy as I´ve developed a swollen ankle and severe foot cramp. :roll:
There are many pilgrims on the camino rifght now, but so far I have not had any problems finding accomodation. I´ve spoken to a few pilgrims who have been this way before who said this is the busyest the camino has ever been. The algerges generally fill up by 4:30 or so. I have to thank the pilgrims in St Jean who urged me to buy a walking stick, because I honestly don´t know how else you coulfd make it through the muddy paths between St Jean and Pamplona. So far it has rained every day, but this morning was absolutely glorious weather. To pilgrims leaving soon: Bring your rain gear!
Out of time.
Glad you've made it to Cizur Menor & are taking an easy day. The Alto del Perdon is a climb waaaay uphill, but the killer part is going down. Take care of your feet!! If you think you need a rest day, take one! There is an albergue in Urtega as you leave town. I met a woman who stayed there & she said it was a good place to stay. It is also the bar/shop in that town, so I stopped there as well. It looks new & clean, & wouldn't have minded staying there myself.

Tip for the day: according to one of the pilgrims walking with me, walk to Obanos & then to Eunate. He went the traditional route & said that it was much easier & more enjoyable to get to Eunate from Obanos.



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The only tough bit is the downhill, agreed. I reckon you could easily walk on to Puente la Reina from Cizor Menor... It's quite a nice walk once you've got the downhill sussed.
Hola Lauren

I am just passed Puenta La Reina. In the hill top town that I can´t remember the name of. I guess I must have passed you today. Not sure I agree Minkey about an easy walk today. All that uphill then picking your way through the stones.

I saw Bob M today at Eunate and had a good chat with him.

I have taken leave of my senses a bir and did 23 miles yesterday and 25 miles today. I´m feeling a bit driven at the moment and have decided just to go with it for a while and see what happens.

Buen Camino Lauren

That hilltop town must be Ciraqui. At one point after I had passed it, going up yet another hill, I turned around & saw the town, with the church at the top. The light hit it just right & I saw the tunnel through which we all walked. Talk about cool! I hope it shows up on the pic I took.

BTW, did you take the time to get the stamp in the tunnel?

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Im in Torres del Rio tonight and good God do I hurt. I think I did about 30K today, big mistake. But I arrived at Los arcor rather early so decided to go on to Somport, my guide said 6K. Well it was extrememly hot and with no shade, and I sure it was much more than 6K. Took nearly 2 hours, then the refuge in Somport was full so on to Torres, which was also completely full at 2:30. But the kind ladies here keep pullng out mate and find places for people, and its an absolute madhouse! It appears that the CSJ guide needs to be updated because it says there are 3 hostels here but only 1 in opperational now. Not nearly enough for the volumes of pilgrims who get here too late to go on another 11K to Viana. And there is absoluly nowhere else to stay.
All is well right now though. Got a space on the veranda. Outta time.

That´s amazing!! I´ve been doing the same thing.... are you walking behind me?
I´m sure I will see on on the Camino!

Keep smiling Sunshine!!!
The fantastic ladies at Casa Mari strike again! At least you got a mattress inside the building. :) PS. there's no food in Torres del Rio except for the tienda, so get yourself over there & buy dinner!

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Don t forget the private Albuges, they usually cost more, but generally have slightly better accomidations, less crowded and often will do your wash for 3 euro.
Buen Camino and Ultrea,
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Frances from SJPdP 2007, TBD 2017
HAHA Poalo! Hola! and smiles. :p
The private hostals were closed. Only Casa Mari open and taking in people.
Hola everyone!

Laurena!! I missed you today. I got carried away with my walking and went straight past Najera! I think walking through the rain mixed with my sense of direction and distance travelled today!!!
I´ve ended up in Azofra (5.5km´s past Najera). There is a new Municipal Elbergue here and I must admit it is a great set up. I think they have about 3 floors of rooms. Though the best thing is that each floor has individual rooms that only sleep two people!! That´s right. It´s almost like staying in a hotel. It is a great set up with a lovely well light common eating area. After the days of walking I thought it was a great investment to pay 6 euro to have my clothes washed and dried (3 euro for wash and 3 for drying). After all that rain today, I needed to keep things simple. fyi, they do have washing facilites and a full kitchen set up for cooking.
They also have 2 internet pc´s. 1euro for 18 minutes, which I´m finding is about the average time you get.

Anyhow, "Sunshine", I shall catch up again with you within the upcoming days
Buen Camino to all!


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Thanks Lauren for posting your thoughts "on the ground' about how it really is. (And Paolo and Wolverine.) And thanks to Javier and Athena and others who share the wonderful photos they have posted: they really bring the Camino to life.
I was out walking today on a local track that I anticipate using a lot over the coming months, with pack on etc. Today it seemed steeper in patches than I remember. But postings like your ones inspire me onward with my preparation. Thanks!

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