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Hostal dos Reis Catolicos

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William Marques

Staff member
I wonder why no one has posted this yet. We stayed there in 02 having rung when we got to Portomarin and so knew when we were going to arrive in Santiago and got a room for two nights. They were polite to reasonably untidy pilgrims and once we had cleaned ourselves and put on our evening clothes we did not look too out of place. It is good value for money, expensive but look what you get. There food is not great though the Parador breakfast will last you the day if you have enough, it is a help yourself buffet. Service in Bar on the Plaza poor.
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Hi - we are going to be staying there later this month, as part of a touring trip - Luarca, Santiago, then Baiona (camp site!).
We booked with one of their 'special 2 + days ' - really not bad considering - 1/2 board - means dinner is virtually free - can't be bad!
Anyway, while we're there I'd like to experience a taste of the camino.
We have walked long distance paths in the past, but I ( thoough not my husband) am rather ( very!!) out of condition (and 57 yrs old!!) so am looking for something not too taxing that can be done as a day walk with reasonable access points for transport.
Any ideas guys - would be greatly appreciated.


Staff member
I had some people from Norway that visited last year do something similar. They wanted to get a camino-experience, but had only one day.

To start, I told them that it would be very difficult to experience the camino by just walking one day. It is like trying to experience how it is to run a marathon by running 100 meters.

That said, they wanted to do it and I told them that they could take a taxi out to around the airport and walk back. It is not a full day’s walk, more 3-4 hours. This stretch is not the most beautiful stretch, since the outskirts of Santiago is a lot of pavement and some industry. But what they did like was the contact they got with other pilgrims. They walked a few hours with real pilgrims and got to hear their story.

Traveling further out and walking there would not make sense if you just have one day, since you would spend most of the day in a bus traveling to/from your start/end point.

Maybe someone else has a better idea?

Welcome to Santiago!



New Member
thanks ivar for your reply.
What about the Finistere bit - I looked at this and it looks good - much more peaceful.
Our itinerary ( if you can call it that) is - fly to oviedo with easyjet 22nd june, 3 days in Luarca - Hothel la Argentina, then drive to Santiago - 3 days in the Parador. Then drive down to Baiona for 7 - 10 days in the campsite in a log cabin.
Plan to do lots of exploring, but have about a week left unspoken for - see how we go.
The main camino looks absolutely fantastic but very busy, so maybe we'll go to 'the end of the world' instead!
The pics look good though and there's sea'n'sand too!
What more could I ask?
That now looks like a definite maybe.
Anyone else done it?

Ooops - just found the thread - Apologies. :roll:
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if you're in Baiona anyway with a week to spare, the obvious route to try is the Camino Portugues - there is plenty of accommodation with lots of access points, so you could try a test day and see how you get on.


New Member
Hi william - silly question, but having walked the camino, i assume you didn't pack a 'smart' jacket.
my husband who is much happier in shorts/ tshirts is not happy re wearing a jacket for dinner here. He's ok with long trousers & 'smartish' shirts but he'd prefer not to take a jacket.
Other than that, we're really looking forward to it - only 2 more weeks to go
Any advice
Sorry to be a pain

William Marques

Staff member
As I said on my first post you will not miss much if you don't have their dinner.

Having said that I see you have half board and yes you are right I had a pair of long trousers and a polo shirt for evenings in hotels and they were adequate in the cheaper of the restaurant there which is probably the half board one. There was a posh restaurant but we did not try it.

Buen Camino


New Member
heaven at the end of el Camino

I almost hesitate to suggest this boutique hotel and just keep it as a perfect memory and secret for my wife and I at the end of our last walk of the Camino, but why not share the joy of a very, very comfortable bed, a cute room, a wonderful breakfast included daily, a perfect location next to the cathedral and tapas bars! I couldn't find a phone number on the net and lost their card, but here are the details:

Avenida Rodrigo de Padrón, 4

It is right across the street from the police station and just a couple of storefronts from the Irish Pub Moore's (just for reference, get into the tapas!).

I hope you love it as much as we did.

Buen camino,

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