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Hostal/Pension update (not good news)


Staff member
Here was the situation as of last week:

- We had agreed on the rental terms (verbally)
- Months of waiting for permits
- I had set up my deposit in the bank (Notario and the whole thing)
- Conversations with the architect regarding the design of the signs outside the pension
- The furniture that the owner had agreed to buy was bought and in place at the Pension
- Everything looked good to go and I was hoping to open mid-november

... I had asked about a draft of the contract early on, but they were not interested in showing it to me before later on (?).

So last week, I stopped by the Realtor to pick up the draft of the rental agreement and got a shock... now what we had agreed on was not what was written down in the contract. Among some of the things that had changed was the rental price. (There were also other clauses in there that I could not accept, although this was not talked about up front).

I went back to try and clear up this "misunderstanding", but realized that this is now the "new rules". I said, no. They said yes. I said, no. They said, yes..... and I said goodbye.

You may ask, how can anyone run a serious realtor business with this kind of "service"? I don't know....

So at the end, it tuned out that this pension was not for me. It was a nice place, great location... but in fact I feel a bit relieved when I made the decision of stopping the process. I had a "not-so-good" feeling about the people involved, but liked the location and the place so much that I decided to push on. I did not loose any money on all this, but a lot of time and energy. I was pretty disappointed there for a day or so, but now I am "back" and ready to find new opportunities.

Anyway, the good thing in all this is that I have meet Frank (yes, he is a member of the forum) during this process, and I think he and I have the same ideas on what types of services are missing in Santiago for tourists/pilgrims.

As I said, I have not given up the idea of starting up a pension/hostal, but it will not be opening anytime soon. I like the idea, and I think I can do a good job... just need to find the right place.

Thanks for all of your kind words and all the encouragements that I have gotten in this process.

... to be continued.... hopefully soon...

Un saludo,
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sounds like you're better off out of it, Ivar. I would say it's good practice not to deal with people who try and change agreements at the last minute. It would be interesting to see whether they have another client prepared to pay the higher rate, or whether they were just trying it on with you and it backfired.

Tomorrow is another day, and there will be other opportunities.
It was a good location though :(


Staff member
I know, the location was a good one... The deposit on the place was also quite high, so it will be interesting to see how long the "Se alquila Hostal" sign will be hanging there....

William Marques

Staff member
You were right not to give in to their 'blackmail'. I've had a similar situation from the other side with people trying to reduce their offer at the last minute and walked away too. They will probably back down but if not there are always other opportunities.
They waited until they thought they had you over a barrel & would have to say "yes." They weren't counting on you saying "no." I too wonder how long that "for rent" sign is going to be hanging there. If too long, wouldn't it be funny if they called you back? ;) If they do, go in with your own agent & your own terms & tell 'em to take it or leave it.

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I was looking forward to booking in next year ivar..... but I will keep in touch via the forum instead! Maybe some other opportunity will arise around the corner...


Active Member
Ivar, I'll be very surprised if you don't get to have the last laugh yet. They were playing a little game thinking they could take you for a mug and you took your toys and went home . Avery wise decision! I think if they had another client waiting in the wings they would simply have said we have a better offer and given you a chance to meet or exceed the new offer. At least now you know the truth about the kind of person you would have been in business with and your not locked into a contract with the crook. If this hasn't turned you off the project all together, I hope you find another location. Like a lot of other people on this site I was looking forward to meeting you and staying at your Pension next spring. Good Luck.



Active Member
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Wise decision, as I can judge!
Good luck with another place!



Active Member
Hi Ivar, sorry to hear about this. However, a lesson I have learnt along the way is always trust your gut instinct and it sounds like your instincts were telling you not to do it long before the guy did the dirty on you. :) My gut instinct has never let me down, sometimes it has to fight with the impulsive side of me, but it always wins out as I know from my own experience. Better luck next time, and listen to your intuition too! :) all the best, I think a better place will turn up for you and in hindsight you will be pleased this has happened. I hope so, as I'd love to stay at your place when I do my camino. cheers, Jane


Hi Ivar,
I am sorry to hear/read about the 'crooked' dealings that have come your way.

It seems like it just wasn't meant to be this time around. Lessons have been learnt and way is open for bigger and better opportunities for you.

:D Maybe you need to do a "Camino" :arrow:

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New Member
Anyway, the good thing in all this is that I have meet Frank (yes, he is a member of the forum)

Thank you, Ivar. That's very kind. It's definitely a good thing we've met and I'm convinced we'll come up with some interesting ideas. (How about setting up a decent agencia inmobiliaria? :twisted: )

brendan nolan

Active Member
Hi Ivar,
First, a Happy New Year! :D
Sorry to hear about the problems re possible refugio. :( Hope all goes well in the future. :)
I know an English person, who like yourself has a genuine interest in Pilgrimage, and who has already done a lot of work for pilgrims. He tried to buy a property in Galicia this year with a view to setting up a refugio. The property had been on the market for some years but suddenly the price went up when he showed interest and negotiations began. A Spanish Bank contact said that that is what happens in Galicia - if selling to 'outsiders', and that includes people from other parts of Spain, the price goes up, conditions change. :roll: The 'contact' is Galician and as a friend offered to help buy a property without the owners know it was going to an outsider. So I hope you are able to find a similar person.
Again, best wishes for 2008, and thank you again for running this forum.

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