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Hotel/Hostel in Santiago


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Hi all,

I'm going to be a hospitalero on the Camino for 3 weeks in March, so I'm flying into Santiago and then travelling to the albergue the following day. However I sense I may have some problems finding a suitable place to stay in Santiago.

My problem is that due to a combination of my departure point being Dublin, Ireland and Iberia's timetable I've ended up flying into Santiago at 00:40 late on Sunday night/early Monday morning March 9th/10th. I presume even thought its an inhospital time of night that there should be little problem in getting transport either bus or taxi into Santiago. My difficulty I sense will be in finding accomodation where someone will still be available at that time to let me in. I'm assuming its probably going to be 01:30 to 01:45 by the time I've collected my luggage and travelled in from the airport. Someone suggested to me that its probably not going to be as big a difficulty as it might be in other countries, as because people eat so late in Spain if I can find accomodation associated with a restaurant where they will be working late anyway there won't be any problem getting in.

If there's anyone who can suggest a suitable solution to my problem I'd really appreciate it.

Thanking you in advance..

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Hi Niall,

This should not be a problem. Many hotels/hostals have guests arrive with the last plane. Just let them know that you will be coming late and they will wait for you (but best to ask).

I would try "25 de Julio" a few hundred meters from the cathedral. I know the owner speaks English (enough words to be perfectly understood), so why not send him an e-mail and ask. They have reasonable prices, I think around 30-50 euro/night depending on season. More on them here:
Found some photos here: ... 5julio.htm

I have picked up my wife at the Santiago airport on the 00:40 flight from Madrid (Iberia) and I know for a fact that there are several taxi drivers there waiting for this flight. In fact they are usually playing cards in the cafeteria while waiting :) ... not sure about the bus, might be too late. Taxi should be about 15-17 euro into Santiago.



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You're making up for lost time! I think you'll drink to anything! (all in good fun :wink: )
Buen Camino,
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Time of past OR future Camino
Camino Francés (2007), Camino Francés (2008), Camino Portugués (2010), Camino Aragonés - from Lourdes (2012)
Hello Niall,
In what albergue will you be? I'm considering the hospitalero course... just wondering.
Buen Camino,


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Thanks Ivar,

this is just the re-assurance that I was looking for.

The rest of you,. -I'll certainly drink a glass of Orujo to your health when I get there.


Niall :)

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