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Hotels /hostels who will NOT welcome Camino Pilgrims.


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I recently had an experience while walking the Camino which I thought was unique/isolated. However, since returning from the Camino I have read similar experiences by other pilgrims. The issue is hotels who will NOT welcome pilgrims. In my specific case, the owner took my reservation but upon arrival asked me to go to another hotel as there was no room available. I was later billed by the room because I had cancelled "within 24 hours". Pretty ballsy :wink: I fought the charge but was left wondering because since then I have come across reviews for this hotel (HOTEL ENTREARCOS IN BURGOS) stating their hostility towards pilgrims.

I totally understand 100% if a business does not want to deal with muddy shoes, early risers, possibly "bed bug" carriers :shock: , but to take in the reservation with the strategy to bill for a late cancellation is crookery and an example of a very dishonest practice (Bait & Switch). I read the manager (whom I met and was a burly bully), shows the pilgrims a room the size of a broom closet (not a regular room) with a small bunk bed as their room. When the pilgrims cancel, then the Manager places the cancellation on them. What a crook.

Tia Valeria

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That is sad Olivares. When booking by phone we have always made it clear that we are on the Camino and have never had a problem, only friendliness. One place showed us the room but did then want paying up-front as the access was next door to the cafe and some low types had left without paying.

When booking via Booking.com or Venere.com we have never had a problem either, but had the trick tried on you happened we would have reported it to the booking site and asked for our money back. Alternatively one could call their booking line right then, when asked to move on, and ask for the cancellation fee to be waived. These sites also make it clear whether the room is single or double, with or without breakfast etc which is very helpful. :)
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Why don't you write a review of this dishonest situation for TripAdvisor (http://www.tripadvisor.com/) and send a copy to CITUR,(Centro de recepción de turistas) at the Burgos tourist office. Here is their contact info infoturismo@aytoburgos.es and web http://www.aytoburgos.es Most definitely write the Asociacion-de-Amigos-del-Camino-de-Santiago who run the municipal albergue. Here is their contact asociacion@caminosantiagoburgos.com and web http://www.caminosantiagoburgos.com

Did you book directly or through a service? If you used a service also write them. Copies of your booking and cancellation charge would probably also add impact to your statement.

Margaret Meredith


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May 1997 (Leon to Santiago); Sections Camino Frances: May 2011, May 2012, May 2013, October 2013, June-July 2014 (Sahagun to Santiago).
Margaret-- I will do that, thank you for suggesting this. The day this ocurred was a really rough day on the person I was walking with and it was made even worse by the inhospitable situation we found when we got to Burgos. I have learned that if I don't do something to right a wrong I will become part of the problem....not a chance, done with that. :x

I booked directly; they knew we were pilgrims, I even told them of the luggage transfer which they stated no problems. Jacotrans left me a note at one of the stops that Entrearcos was NOT going to accept my luggage..I was already in the Camino! They did not even emailed me about it. Of course, I later understood why...when I cancelled I had no evidence they had refused to accept my luggage. AVOID HOTEL ENTREARCOS.

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