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How many days did it take you? why? did you take rest days?


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Hi All,

So my questions to any of you who have gone on the Camino for St.Jean to Santiago is...

How many days did it take you?
Why so many or so little... is it due to fitness or just pleasure to take your time?
Did you have many rest days and where?

I have 35 days due to my flights to and from the UK. I have bought some decent equipment but I have not been able to train at all due to being really really busy. I was a big deal to get 5 weeks off of work so I cant complain but thats my reason for not training

age: 30
sex: female
height: 157 cm or about 5 foot 3
weight: 130 pounds
medical conditions: asthma, only when I'm running really fast.

I've been advised numerous times by friends who have done it to really take my time the first week and let the others pass me. Once I get use to walking these distances I'll become stronger and before I know it I will have picked up my speed etc. I've also been told not to stress about accomodation... it will all work out!

I have a male friend 35 who did it in 28 days
another male 26 did it in 30 days
female 20 who did it in 30

Thank you for your time and wish be luck

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It took me 30 days also from SJPP to Santiago.

If you are afraid to be short in days, I think it's better to start some days after SJPP (Pamplona, for example), and at the end, if you have some days left, to go to Fisterra.

I've met lot of pilgrims who were in a hurry because they had to take a Plane in Santiago.


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I think your friends are giving you good advice. I planned 1 rest day each week. What I found, though, was that even on rest days, I found myself either taking super long strolls around wherever I was resting, or I'd get bored (look, another Romanesque church!) and take off in the afternoon of my supposed rest day for "a quick 10 km."

I know this comparison's a stretch, but the Tour de France riders usually ride on all their rest days, just to keep their bodies primed. I think once you get "into the Camino groove," you'll find it hard to slow down.


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You should have no difficulty I would imagine, I am 50 and did it in 36 days, but was sick on two occasions and had to have 2 days 'infirmario', ie laying up getting over the bug that laid me low..Take it easy at first, and generally I found that only when I pushed myself beyond 30km a day did I suffer serious problems with my feet/ exhaustion. I found an aggregate figure of about 25-28 km a day ok. Also when you do feel like finishing early its usually because you do need a rest. Whatever you do, dont get drawn into the 'race' mentality that infects some pilgrims, they will push up to 40 km a day in some cases and quite often suffer horrendous problems with their feet..You will I am sure find that you have ample time.. :)
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Hi Leena,

it took me 34 days to go from Saint Jean to Santiago.
First day : 8 km (to Orisson).
Last day : 5 km (Monte do Gozo to Santiago)
The other days between 18 and 33 km.
I could have made it in less days - but why hurry, when it is so nice to take your time.
Well, I did not have mayor "pilgrims' problems" like big blisters or inflammation of tendons - most of them, I have been told, arrive if you either have a bag too heavy for you, or if you have a rhythm too fast for your condition (or, for the blisters, if you do not put some cream on your feet like vaseline or other for hydratation).
Oh yes, I am female and 40.
So : take care to reduce bag weight. (mine was 6,5 kg without water and food!)
Take your time to find your walking rhythm.
Don't stress yourself - if ever, time is running away because you need a day or 2 of rest, simply say to yourself that taking a bus for some km is not the end of the world...



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