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How much a day to budget living simply in US Dollars?


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I read in a post that on average it cost 50 Euros a day...when I used the conversion chart today it translated to 78 USD! Is that accurate? So 30 days would cost avg. rounding up to 100 a day to be safe...approx 3,000? That sounds reasonable for a month..but should I also plan for mad money (emergency)..or is the rounding up plenty? :?: :?

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Sounds like you've already got plenty of cushion for "mad" money (unless the dollar slides further down the pole). I've seen folks budget 25Euro/day, which works out about right if you eat in restaurants & bars. If you buy breakfast & lunch fixings at a grocery store, your costs go down, & if you're really motivated to save $ while on the Camino, you can make your own dinner too in albergues that allow it.

If, for example, you choose to walk the Camino Frances, you will probably want to budget a hotel/hostal in Burgos & Leon & take a rest day; I would get a hostal in Estella (didn't care much for the municipal albergue there, but if the ANFAS one is open, go for it!) & possibly Logrono as well, if those are your stopping points for the day.

In my opinion, between 25 and 40 euros (depending on your extras).

So, between 750 and 1200 euros (1150 and 1800 US dollars)

Not included trains, planes, etc.

You can have any extra emergency money if any problem.

Buen Camino,

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.
I used about 40€/day. That meant that I ate almost every day two times in restaurants. I normally took "Menu del día" which means that you get three courses, wine and bread. Normally it was between 7-10 euros. I also ate breakfast in bars/restaurants. I never made a meal in albergues. Sometimes I ate tabas with wine (2 or 3 times a week) and some beer when it was very hot. Two times I slept in a hotell and other nights I was in albergues. I think with 40 € average you'll get a lot in Northern Spain.
If you'll make your own meals in albegues and use municibal albergues it is easy to reach 30 € average or even less.
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