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How much weight did you lose?


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Frances SJPP to SdC Oct/Nov 2015
Frances Burgos toSdC March/April 2016
W. Highland Way August 2016
Camino Somewhere September 2017
Hmmm, you are very friendly. Did you take turns being the "nice lady" or was it a case of all-in? 😍

My friend and I just liked giving away chocolate, and the people always deserved it--for some reason!


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Francés ('14/'15)
San Olav/CF ('16)
Baztanés/CF ('17)
Ingles ('18)
Vasco/CF/Invierno ('19)
The nice thing about giving away chocolate is that it doesn't end up on anyone's hips because everybody gets a part of the whole.
:cool: 💞

Good to see you, Deb! I am looking forward to your camino book...


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CF (2014)
Portuguese (2021)
I lost 16+ lbs. (need to look at my notes to see what the exact tally was). I had a belly visible through my running shirt in pics from the day I walked into Roncesvalles. By Sahagun, it was pretty much gone. By Santiago de Compestela, my belt was critical for keeping my pants up -- despite the nice tan and feeling fit, I looked like I needed a good meal. That is not to say that I did not eat well on the Camino.

A tangent: A few days after starting in SJPdP, I started craving protein. It was an odd experience, especially given that I ate excellent, well-rounded meals during those first several days. Perhaps a week into the Camino, I stayed at an albergue that had braised cow tongue as one of the pilgrim meal options. I had reservations about ordering it -- that's not something seen very often on the American dinner table. Fortunately, the protein craving won out. Braised cow tongue ranks as one of the most memorable and satisfying meals I ate while on the Camino.


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Camino Frances & Camino Finisterre/Muxia April 2019
How much weight did you lose on your Camino walk? I dropped close to 4 kilos (8 lbs.) and returned home close to my “ideal weight”. But I guess the last day’s diving into my homemade stew will change that rapidly :D
I lost 20 ponds on the Camino Frances including walking to Finesterre and Muxia -and I never ate better. Lost an additional 7 pounds two weeks after I got home. Now it's been 16 months since I returned home and I haven't gained an ounce back. And that makes me very happy.


Camino(s) past & future
One started september 2020 ,Frances from sjpdp
Didn't lose. Any weight but gained some.muscle mass from using the poles, I think the availability of cheap vino tinto. was my downfall


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