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how the weather in


how the weather in Mid-may?
im think of leaving may around 15 from canada to bayonne
other question once in bayonne or biritz airport is it easy to get to train station?cuz iv never been there and blah blah..(i get all freaky in new towns)

im all ready my bag is pack up
1 pair of plant
1 tshrit
1 pair of socks
1 big hot shrit
rain coat
sleeping bag
and my tent(if i get lost or cant walk ill be able to sleep in it )but it the
tent or tarp?:S if only i would hve poles from it :S
Oh yeah my cam
thats it and what ill have on!
my bag weight is 22lbs whit tent and no tent 18 so no big diff!
and hopefuly nothing will stop me this time :S


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The #6 bus stops outside the Biarritz airport and goes to the Bayonne train station. The trip is about 45 min.

There is a big difference between 22 lbs and 18 lbs when you have been carrying it for 100's of miles. And unless you weigh 180 or more even 18 lbs is too much. You should be able to get by with a pack that weighs no more than 10% of you weight.


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That's right. You don't need the tent. Don't forget you'll be carrying water and food with you so that's an extra load.

John Hussey

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huge difference!

I'll second the post above. There is a HUGE difference between 18 and 22 pounds. Actually, 18 is likely too much for you, too!.

You will not need the tent on the Camino Frances.


well can i leave sleeping bag behind?all other stuff is what i put up last msg! :S it comes to 18lbs what can i do leave it all and just have what iv got on?
for my tent if it get to be a pain i can always leave it behind or give it to someone and if i get off route and get lost again ill have a place to sleep and not like last time where i had to continue walking ...
but iv got a tarp and i found 4 poles i need i just need 3 more poles

Dawn of a new Day

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Wow 22 pounds. Weather wise i went may june 2006 and had fantastic weather, went again this year and the year, well lets say there was abit of rain. so be prepared.
i would highly recommend 2 shirts and 2 pair zip off pants. i also tool long johns. (used them once) no weight and little space.
don't know what weighs so much, my pack was 15 pounds excluding water and food. i took museli and a cup and spoon, so i had breakfast anywhere, i also carried bread., cheese and some fruit bought each day. there are some amazing places for lunch that are not near a coffee shop. And if things are closed then you have it all.
good luck


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Some people on this forum are weight freaks when it comes to packing, me included. If what you have listed in your post above are just those items and they weigh a total of 18 to 22 lbs, you may want to consider the individual weights of the items. Perhaps some are too heavy. You may want to try lightweight zip-off pants and a light rain jacket (or poncho) for example. Listing down your gear with the corresponding weights (in grams or ounces) will assist you in deciding which item is too heavy to bring. Also, you should simulate having food and water in your rucksack.



i forgot to say whit FOOD about 2kg
for my poncho i got an army heavy duty :?
and tell you its very heavy and it not coming whit me
and i got one cheap one that rip first time i put it on so
iv got a heavy duty pastic bag(i tested it in shower :wink: )
i know whats heavy my sleeping bag :(


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Santos -
You can get wieght done below 18lbs and will have a much better experience if you do, HOWEVER it will cost you some money. Light weight sleeping bags (1lb), packs (2lbs) and clothes (less than 1lbs) including rain gear can be obtained from good hiking outfitters. They may be expensive but will last forever. One caution is that nothing is water proof. Always put a light weight garbage bag inside your pack and place everything in it. It will make noise in the morning when you pack but you will not have a wet sleeping bag (down does not dry) to sleep in and wet clothes to put on the next day - I speak from experience!

This is not a commercial but I use for my gear. Thier stuff is good, fair priced and they will send it to anywhere along the trail I need it. They will also take back anything without question. I once brought back a pair of boots ast a joke that were guarenteed for a year after wearing them for 3 months and 600 miles - they laughed and exchanged them for a new pair! Buen Camino, Bill


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