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How to connect between the Camino del Norte and the Primitiv


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Does anyone have any suggestions for what might be the best way to connect from the Camino del Norte to the Primitivo? By best I mean least road walking/traffic and with access to an albergue at either end of the connect. From the map it looks like the shortest connect might start at Gijon but it also looks like there would be a lot of road walking involved. I'm assuming there are no albergues in between the two Caminos.

Thanks in advance
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Hi, David,
Actually, there is clear marking if you want to get to Oviedo from the Camino del Norte. The turn comes after Villaviciosa, and from there to Oviedo is about 45 km. It's all very well marked.

As far as albergues go, in fact there are some. One requires a detour (again well marked) to Valdedios, which you will see a few km after you get on the camino towards Oviedo. I don't have the exact number of kms, but I left Villaviciosa early in the morning and was at the church in Valdedios around 11. I highly recommend this detour, it's an unbelievable pre-romanesque church in a meadow right next to a 16th or 17th century monastery, and there's an albergue there as well.

When I walked, I spent one night in a hotel in Villaviciosa, then walked to the church/monastery at Valdedios, and then spent the night in a hotel in POla de Siero (Siera?) which is about 16 km outside Oviedo. But there is a town, about 8 km before Pola de Siero, which has a very basic albergue. We decided to keep going. I'm sorry, but I can't remember the name of the town now, but it is definitely a do-able day's walk from Villaviciosa. I hope this makes sense. But if you have any questions, let me know. Buen camino, Laurie
Hola Laurie,

Thank you for the really helpful reply. We did part of the Camino del Norte last year starting in Luarca (we only had 11 days). This year I'm hoping to start in Irún and the possibility of jumping to the Primitivo is very attractive.

Buen Camino!


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