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How to get around on the forum


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Hi, I'm having trouble getting around. I posted an introduction and it's nowhere to be found. Please advise where to get info on how to get around. :D
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Technical backpack for day trips with backpack cover and internal compartment for the hydration bladder. Ideal daypack for excursions where we need a medium capacity backpack. The back with Air Flow System creates large air channels that will keep our back as cool as possible.

A lot depends on the type of device you are using, and how you personally prefer to browse. There are usually several ways to get to the same point. I don't have time to give a more detailed explanation right now, but if you click on your own name on your avatar, and then again on your username, you will get to your full profile where you can see your Latest Activity. Then click on "Posting" to see all of your posts.

A good place to start browsing the forum is the Home page. You can get to it by clicking on the forum logo at the top - the shell with words "Where past pilgrims share..."

I hope this helps a bit. Others will probably chime in with more suggestions!
There is a Camino Forum app that you may find easier to use (I don't). The Android version on Google's Play Store app repository looks like this:
...and ship it to Santiago for storage. You pick it up once in Santiago. Service offered by Casa Ivar (we use DHL for transportation).
Hi, I'm having trouble getting around. I posted an introduction and it's nowhere to be found. Please advise where to get info on how to get around. :D
Clicking on your username shows that you have made four posts — this one, two on the September calendar thread and one 10 years ago. If the introduction is not one of these, then it seems that it wasn’t posted successfully.

Different people use different ways to get around. Some like the "New posts" page and use that to read the forum. Some get the emails and just click the links in the emails. Myself, I like to go to the Forums page and go into one sub-forum after another, from top to bottom, marking the sub-forum "read" when I've read all that interest me. Reading this way, threads are organized with pinned threads at the top and threads afterwards are ordered with the most recent activity at the top. New threads or threads with activity that you haven't read yet are folded in the list.
Get a spanish phone number with Airalo. eSim, so no physical SIM card. Easy to use app to add more funds if needed.

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