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How to get to Oloron Ste. Marie from Le Puy route


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Hi ! Wondering if anyone know if it is possible to walk to Oloron Ste. Marie to continue on the Aragones Route from the Le Puy route.... of course, there are probably roads, but is there an actual path and from what town would I detour off to Oloron Ste Marie? Anyone know of more details? Maps, distances that connect these 2 routes? Thank you!

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Sharleen, I'm sure there are many ways to get to Oloron Ste Marie - here is one I used recently. There are daily buses (about half an hour journey) from Aire sur L'Adour to Pau, and a train service from Pau to Oloron Ste Marie. The camino Aragones is lovely - highly recommended
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