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How to make great videos with your phone

Steve Goods

New Member
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I used my Iphone SE to make videos on my Camino this month of May.
The week prior to my flight to Madrid, I bought the DJI Osmo Mobile which is a gimbal (a stabilizer for 300 euro).
When walking or moving your phone and record videos, this gimbal reduce the shakiness (watch my videos).
One cool feature is that you can make motion time lamps (with the stand).

The DJI Osmo Mobile connects to any phone with Bluetooth. You should use the DJI app to shoot your recordings. Some days I used another app, the ProMovie but I believe I got more shaky videos. I also made the mistake not to learn exposure and focus on this app.
Even if the gimbal reduce the shakiness, you must be steady with your arm/hand. And when you walk you must walk slow and not jump up and down. The backpack makes it a little more difficult to walk steady.
I carried my DJI in a bag in front of me.

And after every day of shooting, I edited directly on my iPhone in the iMovie app, usually the very same evening.
Im a beginner in photography and I learned by doing on the Camino. It was very easy I think, but the problem was memory space. Needed to free space on my phone, and upload to the cloud, but Wifi in Spain is not always fast. Using your own Mobile Data is not quick enough or dont work to upload.
So sometimes I couldnt edit because of lack of memory space. My iPhone have 64 gigbytes. And upload the video to Youtube could take an hour! Many times that also failed.
I had to delete my edited movies from iMovie since I needed that space to be able to shoot more photos! Now I cant edit them that easily and they are as they are.

The sound is always an issue when you edit your movies. Either the wind noise, or inappropriate talk or low quality. I put christian spiritual music as background so I could edit faster, and also as inspirational since the lyrics often reflects Walking the Way of Life.
The songs in the videos I bought from Apple iTunes Store for about $1,29.
All my songs has copyright issues. Even if I dont ever want to make money on advertisement, Youtube can prohibit the videos with a copyrighted music to be shown, sometimes on just certain devices.
Should I choose music and lyrics I liked, and risk that the videos is not shown on Youtube - or just use any non copyright music (often with no lyric)? I chose music from iTunes and songs with a meaning (lyrics). Please tell me if a video is not shown, then I might upload it to Vimeo instead.

You can watch day by day movies on Youtube;
The channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiTZXp0_O3PaHPxJ4pr53Qg

More videos will be uploaded. From Finisterre, Muxia and Porto.
Some videos have the lyrics in the subtitles. (Making the subtitles takes time)
Be sure to use the subtitle function and click on Settings (on the low right of the window/video screen). Here you can also choose HD video quality up to 720 p/1080 p.

My travel blog was http://www.bread4life.eu
I had to prioritize my time on the Camino. Make videos or to blog. Socialize or spend time with my phone.
I chose making videos and I edited my videos in the dark when most people slept. Therefor my blog is not updated with articles as I would have hoped.

With more experience and by editing at home in front of a big screen you should be able to come up with "better" videos. Less shaking while moving camera, improve photo quality, edit mistakes e t c.

Much time were spent on cafes just to be able to check Wifi speed and to wait for uploading videos to Youtube, or to free space by uploading to the Cloud as Dropbox.)
This is not for everyone, to say the least. I just hope my videos will be inspirational to others, thats why I took time and effort to produce them.

If you have any questions, just shoot ...
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Camino = Empathy + Compassion.
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some and then more. see my signature.
This question is meant sincerely : were you still able to enjoy and savour your Camino and stay in the moment?

I'm always in awe when someone posts something technical because I'm such an amateur with these issues.

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Thank you for taking time to do a brain dump Steve.

I'm non-familiar with iphones but Android smartphones can be attached to flashdrives and other devices with a USB OTG (on the go) connection. I see that some newer iphones will have this feature. Check with Apple; there may be something available for older iphones to attach to external data storage hardware.

Steve Goods

New Member
Camino(s) past & future
There is plenty of time during a Camino. Many take photos and videos with their phones while walking.
I needed about 20 minutes of videos per day, and about 10 pictures to make one edited video of 3-9 minutes of length.
Sure I have to think "photography" every day, more than others. But I have probably recorded more memories to enjoy afterwards.
And hopefully inspired others to walk the Camino, and realizing there is a Creator.
The people in my videos probably also enjoy to watch some sections where they are shot.
It doesnt always have to be me, me, me and what can I get out from it. Sacrificing your own time doesnt have to be negative. One person can lay down his life to save plenty of others, if you understand that context.

"Were you still able to enjoy and savour your Camino and stay in the moment?". Answer is yes. But I didnt expect the Wifi to be so slow in Spain. That I hope will improve over the next years. Or I need to get more memory space, which can be solved in carrying an iPad and use Airdrop to transfer files. (Other phones than iPhones can exchange memory flash cards)
I dont regard using an DJI Osmo Gimbal to be a technical issue. Its a learning curve how to plan to shoot videos during days of walking and how to do things and solve situations. The gimbal itself is technical but very easy to use.
You dont have to make Youtubes videos in iMovie app to present to others your video. Just share clips on Facebook.
I wanted to make an impact to others with worship music many havent even heard of, as well inspire others to walk the Camino.

Carrying a gimbal like the DJI and shooting videos while walking is easy and if you set an extra hour per day of shooting, you will have plenty of good material.
Then you can always decide to edit before you go to sleep ever day, or do it when you are home.
Next time I will walk, I will walk shorter distances. 20-25 km a day. And stop and step aside for prayer and reflection more times than I have done previously.

April Jo

Camino(s) past & future
May 2016, Sarria to Santiago.
Lovely video, good quality, great technical information - thanks


Active Member
Camino(s) past & future
July 2017
This question is meant sincerely : were you still able to enjoy and savour your Camino and stay in the moment?

I'm always in awe when someone posts something technical because I'm such an amateur with these issues.

Great question.
I love when folks are able to record there Camino.
I hope to catch a few moments of my Camino on Film.


New Member
Camino(s) past & future
Planned August 21-Oct 10 (2017)
Next time chexk out the LG-G6 it can go upto 2TB on the local device via micro SD card

I just picked mine up yesterday for my Camino in August

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