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Hurricane warning (!!)


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Hurricane Danielle is projected to hit the Portuguese coast and do its business between Sunday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon, though it is projected to decrease in intensity to tropical storm level by then - - but these sorts of weather systems are unpredictable.

Fellow pilgrims on the Coastal Português in these days, do be aware of the situation !!
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Having walked through the remnants of Hurricane Henri in Sept 2015 from Orisson to Roncesvalles, it is nothing to ignore. Several people were blown down and injured. What should have taken half a day, took us eight hours! So heed the warnings about Danielle.
We’ll be walking from Orisson to Roncesvalles on Monday, so I appreciate your insights!
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Living on the southeast coast of the US, I've been through hurricanes and tropical storms. They can be dangerous, especially if you're where there are lots of trees, and the wind is more than 60 km/hour. Seek shelter in solid buildings--and stay there.

Generally hurricane and tropical storm wind velocity decreases by about 1 km/hour for every km. they move inland. That is not exact (there is an actual formula) and strange things do happen.

The silver lining in the storm clouds is that much needed rain will be provided.
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Living on the southeast coast of the US, I've been through hurricanes and tropical storms.
Hurricanes only exceptionally strike the Eastern Atlantic, and as noted, the great likelihood is that when this thing hits, it will likely be down to a tropical storm, not hurricane.

The rare European hurricanes can however do significant damage, even inland, but there is likely to be some extreme weather next week from the tropical storm level, wherever it hits the Atlantic coast in these parts.

Most read last week in this forum

Are there similar services along the Coastal as there are on the Frances ? Jacotrans. NCS ? Thanks very much.

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