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Husky and Camino


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Has anyone had experience with doing the camino with a husky/malamute? What would be the best time to go if I take my husky with me? Summer will be out because of heat, so I'm thinking of doing it just before winter.
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Hi there Karms,

Yes, better to wait a bit. The last 10-15 days we have had steady 32-33c during the day, and down to low 20's during the nights. I would think too warm for a husky.

Last year I remember September was even quite warm, but this varies of course. Have a look here for some weather statistics: ... ebcams.cfm

Also, look at this post here related to dogs and the camino:

... from the post above it looks like some albergue might not allow dogs.

Greetings from Santiago,
Thanks for the response. 33 deg will definately be much too warm.

Perhaps I'll go during March rather and I'll use Guesthouses. I can always enquire where I can stay with my dog before I go and plan my route like that?

I don't think all dogs can walk the camino. But I am quite confident that huskies can, because they are built for strenuous exercise. She can also help carry some of my stuff in a special husky back pack. Like this one:

Maybe I'll do a short Camino of 200km and see how it goes. I can always come back again and to the whole 800km if the first one was successful.

Hola Karmen,
I can tell that you really want to walk with your 'child' on the camino. Many have done so - even though most would advise against it.
In 2002 I met a lady from Belguim on the camino who had walked from Somport with her - Um? - what shall I call it? - MUTT. It was a real pavement special and it was extremely well behaved. She kept it on a lead through the towns and built up areas and took it off the lead when they were in the countryside. Only a few albergues would allow it to sleep in the entrance hall or in a shed.
In June 2004 I met a couple from Austria who were walking with a little dog. They stayed in a number of camping sites along the way but used the albergues as well to shower, cook a meal etc.
There are a number of refuges along the way that accept horses - perhaps these would also accept dogs?

Have a look at the Camino Federation's website - perhaps an eunquiry to them might help.
I am sure you will find a way! Hope you and your Husky have a wonderful time! ... inicio.asp

Thanks indeed for your post! Yes, my husky is my 'child' and I can't imagine doing the camino without her. She hikes with me everywhere! Her name is Dakota and she's black and white in colour.

Camping is definately an option - I just thought the safety aspect might be a problem? If not, then I'll consider camping. Would it be ok for a woman alone to camp with her husky? Huskies aren't guard dogs unfortunately, but they do look like wolves, so she might at least scare off.

I want to go on my own as I don't want to share my Camino experience with another human companion. It is going to be "me-time". I want to write a spiritual book.

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Hiking with Husky

Hello Karmen,
My sister Patty has had two Huskies - one was Trishka (after Patricia of course!) and the other was Tsar. They were hopeless guard dogs - much too sociable!
Have you investigated the implications of travelling to Spain with Dakota? Do they require a quarantine period? (South Africa is considered high risk for Rabies and other nasties).
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Safety will not be a problem for you on the camino and I'm sure you will be extra safe with your Dakota by your side.
You go for it! Only you can make it happen my dear.

PS: Love your website.
Thanks indeed! I'll find out about quarantine. I know the dog must have a vet certificate with all innoculations and a blood test to prove its healthy and free of any disease. (Which Dakota certainly is :D ).
But I'll check about quarantine laws though.

A friend of mine imported a malamute from Italy recently and she used Global Paws to arrange everything. - I'll check on the rules for Spain.

Thanks for the link!

You are welcome.

Just one thing Karmen, about walking in March, it can be extremely cold and wintery with snows and blizzards as late as April. This might mean carrying heavier clothes and extra gear. Also, many of the campsites don't open until July. If you search the word "March" on this FORUM you will find prvious posts relating to March/April walking.
Perhaps you should think about walking in October?
Give Dakota a hug from me.
Dakota sends hug back!

Here she is:

I was also thinking of October - just after the summer heats. Any advice is very welcome! If I use camping sites, I can probably rest for a day inbetween here and there. I don't want to rush my camino experience - you know.. would love to watch some stars and write a bit.

By the way, by the looks of it, if Dakota holds an international vet certificate, there will be no quarantine. :D

I'll also have to get her some of this stuff I guess..
Husky and the Camino

I started from St Jean last May 9th with my 2 Samoyeds, one 5 years old female and one 2 years old male. Though we did not get further than Los Arcos, due to a leg problem of one of the the dogs, heat was not a problem for them. We have had more than 40 C during the day, and down to some 30's during the nights. All days and nights! Both dogs carried a back pack with some 5 kg. No problem. Of cours the dogs have been trained, as I have, on walking long distances with their back pack.

The leg problem was a kind of a sprain in an elbow of the female dog. Could have happened to me also, in my case in a knee not an elbow of course. Bad luck, we had to stop.

You will encounter a lot of problems walking the Camino with a dog. But if you insist (as I did) on taking your dog and you are ready to face and handle the difficulties, it can be done. And it is a great experience.

And you should see your vet before you go. The dog needs special vaccination and medicines because of very dangerous (for dogs that is) ticks and some kind of sand fly.

I am a bit short of time now. But if you need more info please let me know.

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hi there,

dakota is a cutie! before i blather on ill just say im an animal handler for a diggy day care and though im not animal pro ill just ask you some questions to think about. Karns, how is her prey drive? does she shoot off like a rocket at small quick creatures? We actually have to seperate the huskies and malamutes from the smaller dogs because they tend to "rugshake" the little ones. How is Dakota and her obedience? i imagine quite good as you can take her off lead when out for walks. What is her experience like on long walks and how are her paws conditioned? I know of many people that take their babies out on the AT. And i also know that a lot of dogs get their paws quite chewed up from all the daily activites, they need to get their trail legs just like humans. Pertaining to the pack, i would suggest letting Karns carry only what karns needs and none of your gear. Its easier for you to stop the pack than it will be for her and be very careful abouyt what you load into her pack (im sure you are, just reinforcing.) Also remember a dog can cause alot of anxiety for other people on a trail and try to be respectful of that as well. While on the AT i had met some dogs, some stray and some with their owners and as a matter of fact i have been more scared of the dogs than the black bears or the moose (this was before i became a handler.) A dog tearing through the woods can be quite frightening to someone with little experience, the dog may think "Hi hello there walker whats going on?" running towards the human and the human can think "OMG hes running at me argh what do i do argh!"

im sure you have thought of all these things. im just curious to know how other people handle it. i have no ill intentions behind my questions, just very curious about how folks condition their dogs to the experience of long distance hiking.

buen camino dakota and karns!
Thanks very much for all your posts. I shall be walking the northern (coastal) route with Dakota, so I am researching that extensively.


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