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I just want to say THANK YOU

Camino(s) past & future
Nearly every year since 2006, often walking more than one route. 2018 was Camino #14
I just want to say thank you to Ivar, Frank, and all the pilgrims that post on this forum.

Opening the new postings is part of my morning coffee ritual, and I get so much enjoyment out of reading the questions, responses, and live=from postings.

This forum is a WEALTH of information for the new pilgrim and without it, I never would have taken my first Camino.

I realize sometimes it seems we contradict each other :? when it comes to what equipment to buy or take, or where to stay along the way, but that's just because we are such a rainbow of individuality... and that is a wonderful thing!

Each time I walk in Spain, the last few days I often feel homesick and think "I'll not return again." :(

But then I get home, and within a few days I get to missing the country, the food, the people... I get on this forum, and before you know it, I'm planning my next walk! :lol:

Anyway... THANK YOU all you wonderful Pilgrims! You are a WEALTH of knowledge and wisdom.


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Camino(s) past & future
Frances(2005), VDLP(2007), Madrid(2009), Ingles(2009), Sur (2011), VDLP(2011)-partial, VDLP(2014)
AMEN, Annie! :)

Yes Annie I wholeheartedly agree too...I only have four weeks to go for my first Camino (help) and have been astonished at the wonderful responses I have had to my seemingly doozey questions. I feel I know some of you well already. I met Johnny Walker at the Practical Pilgrims Day in February only two days after arriving in UK from Australia and hope someday I may meet some of you too. I suspect I will be completing the rest of my Camino from St JPdeP maybe next year...the thought has already planted itself in my head :shock:. Thank you all you Veteran posters...your wealth of experience is greatly appreciated. I think the mingling of the different cultures, personalities, beliefs, and raw honesty that comes through on the forum creates a powerful foundation for building trust and the courage to step out into the unknown. At 62 I feel I am embarking on the biggest journey of my life and I dont just mean the miles. I feel you all cheering me on.

I'd like to add my voice to the chorus of "thanks". My 18-year-old daughter and I will walk from Sarria to Finisterre in June, and the wealth of insight and information on this Forum has been both a practical guide and a spiritual inspiration. For us first-timers, reading the wide range of responses to all the questions wonderfully underscores the fact that there's no "right" way to do this thing, and reminds us that flexibility and an open heart are as important as training and preparation. So, thanks to all -- and hope to see some of you on the Camino!

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