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Ibis Hotels in Spain: 45 Euro (book 3 May to 24 May)

Planning to be in Spain during June, July, August? If you book an ibis hotel from the website during the above dates, the cost is 45 Euro.

I stayed at the Ibis hotel in Barajas. It was clean & comfortable, plus they had this offer that if something was wrong with your room & they couldn't fix it, that night was free. So, something was wrong with my room & they couldn't fix it (TV of all things, I really didn't care, just brought it to their attention in case they could fix it by kicking the cable box), so my room was free! :D

Buen Camino!

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Ibis is a big chain so you know what it will be like. We stayed in one in Mons in Belgium on our first year of camino-ing.

But we have found in Spain that there are lots of pensions etc at under 35 euros which are just fine.

In Bilbao the Tourist Office explained that hostels with 2 stars have en suite loo and shower, 1 star not. They gave us a list and a map and we tried the nearest. (Feet were aching) They did not have a room without bathroom (we were also being careful with the money) and sent us round the corner to a friend. It was on the fourth floor (no lift but patterns in the floorboards on every corner of the stairs, and two brass dogs just inside the front door), our room was spotlessly clean with well darned bedspread, plenty blankets. The towels were adequate if thin, we had a little balcony from which we could look down on a quaint narrow street in the old town and enjoy the pigeons on the roof opposite. Wonderful experience.

In Santander we wanted a a cheap hotel again. This time we didn't bother with the TO, just looked out for a sign (big H with a star or two), rang the bell, walked upstairs (one floor this time) and got a room.

This was April. May be should book in busier times of year. We found a similar place in A Coruna last year on line which we did book - it was fine too.

We prefer the little places to the chain hotels. They are probably run by a family, or a one -person operation. The owner will be mopping the floor when you go out in the morning, or minding the grandchild when you return. They will know where to buy bread or have a nice meal. And you will be contributing more directly to the local economy.

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