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Iconic photos free to use- help needed!


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Hi. I would like to ask you all for help.
I'm building with couple of friends a website about camino. The site will be in polish unfortunatelly (for you), but will help a lot of people from Poland to get information about Camino de Santiago. We would like to create a portal, which will unite people walking Camino in Spain as well as pilgrimages in Poland. There is a huge need for that kind of website in our country.
What I would like to ask you for is to help us with graphic bit. We urgently need a lot of photographs which we could use (ideally free of charge) with your permission.
I know that a lot of you are passionate about photography and have tons of photographs. If only few of you could send us one good photograph- it would help us a lot!
We are looking for any kind of Camino- related graphics. They will be use to create site graphic design (not as single photos for viewing). I hope you could help.
Site should be available at the end of this years season (hopefully mid October will be fully functional) on http://www.compostela.pl .
If you would like to get in touch- please send me PM or write an e-mail (kubapigora(at)gmail.com)
Thanks. Kuba.
Hi, Huba,

What kind of photos are you looking for? Albergues, paths, churches, cruceiros, pilgrims ... please ask exactly what you need and I will try to send it to you if I have it.

And of course, the only cost I will charge for it is just a glass of wine if luckily we can meet in any albergue, in any Camino!!

Buen Camino,

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.


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Javier Martin said:
Hi, Huba,

What kind of photos are you looking for? Albergues, paths, churches, cruceiros, pilgrims
Exactly. Anything we could use, anything what is related to camino. Even your photos on the road could be usefull, as we can photoshop them or use just part of the photograph. Any help would be great.
I hope you could help.
Thanks. Kuba.
Hello, Kuba.

I've made and send to you a selection of photos, I hope it like to you, from all the Caminos we can enjoy today.

I'm the author of all these photos, so you can use it in your website.

Camino Frances:

- Roncesvalles
- Zubiri
- Zariquiegui
- Castrojeriz
- Villalcazar de Sirga
- Cruz de Ferro
- Manjarin

Camino de la Plata:

- Puente Quintos (over the River Tera)
- Sta. Marta de Tera (Santiago on the church)
- Otero Sanabria (a church, near Galicia)
- Lubian (An special kind of arrows, only found in this Camino)
- Albergueria (A Special bar in this Camino)
- Cea (Albergue)

Camino Santiago-Fisterra:

- Carballal (Just Outside Santiago)
- PonteMaceira (Between Santiago and Negreira)

Camino Portuguese:

- Ponte de Lima - Igrexa (In Portugal, 42 km. before Tui)

Camino Aragonés:

- Eunate.

Camino Primitivo:

- O Cadavo (Albergue)

Camino de Madrid:

- Camino entre Pinares (Between Coca and Alcazaren)

Camino Catalan:

- Sta. Maria del Cami (Province of Barcelona, a few km. before La Panadella)


- The Cathedral

Buen Camino and good work with your website.

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain


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Hi, Javier!

Thanks a lot! Your photos will help us a lot. Person, which is working on layout is begging me for more!
What we need most is some collection of high resolution photos with shells, pilgrims walking, churches and landscapes. Everything related to camino will be helpfull.
Maybe some of you could tell, if there is some place on the internet with (free to use) collection of that kind of photos? We really need your help!

Thanks everyone, who have already helped us!


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Camino(s) past & future
Camino Francés (2007), Camino Francés (2008), Camino Portugués (2010), Camino Aragonés - from Lourdes (2012)
Hi Kuba,
I have a beautiful photo of two Polish pilgrims with whom I walked last summer. One from Krakow, the other also from Krakow, but living in London. I only hesitate to give it because of MY cultural prejudices. In the States it is rather taboo to allow a photo of someone to be used publicly without their express permission. I would hate for one of the girls to see it and be offended that their image was used without their permission. But I know it is not a problem everywhere. Any thoughts?

Buen Camino,


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Deirdre said:
But I know it is not a problem everywhere. Any thoughts?
Well, I would rather not use a photograph without authors/model;) permission. But thanks for your interest. Maybe you would find some other photographs which I could use?
Talking of those Poles you have met- most of us live in London these days- British pilgrims will know what I mean :)))
Take care Deirdre!

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