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If you had to choose ... I’m deciding between the Camino Inglés and then on to both Fisterra and Muxia OR Camino Primitivo

David Manzo

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Camino Portugese (2018)
If you had to choose ... I’m deciding between the Camino Inglés and then on to both Fisterra and Muxia OR Camino Primitivo. I loved the Camino Portugués this year. Thanks.


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Portuguese (2014,2016),Primitivo (2015), San Salvador (2017), Norte (2018), Ingles (2018)
Hmmm. Both have their merits. You can and will find descriptions of pros and cons of both. Imo the primitivo is tougher but if you are up to the challenge then that would be my choice. More countryside and a bigger achievement. Nothing wrong with the other route though. I loved the primitivo. I liked the ingles. I loved sdc to Finisterre and Muxia. Flip a coin? Enjoy the planning.


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Hi David,

I think it depends what you expect from your next camino. The Primitivo is rather tough with beautiful landscapes. There are not many possibilities to vary your stages before you reach Lugo. So most likely you will form a camino family.

The Inglés which has not called me so far, seems to be rather flat with unspectacular landscapes.

The camino to Fisterra and Muxía is nice, especially if you are heading for Fisterra first. It attracts people from various caminos but also people who do only walk this part. So you may have many interesting conversations about various caminos and get new ideas for future pilgrimages. But you can not expect that the travel companions with whom you have reached Santiago will continue to Fisterra and or Muxía as well.

Also it is rather unlikely that you will experience something like a camino family on such short caminos as the Inglés or the Fisterra-Muxía, because there is plenty of accomodation and you can do very variable stages (e. g. 3-5 stages to Fisterra, another 1-2 stages to Muxía, 4-7 stages on the Inglés).



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Francés (Spring '17)
Primitivo (Spring '18)
Madrid (April '19)
I would choose the Primitivo, mostly because I think it makes more sense to take advantage of the time you have available to do one longer camino rather than two shorter ones. You can tack Muxia/Finisterre onto the end of another camino another time, and the Inglés only requires a few days so there'll hopefully be other opportunities to do it. Plus, the Primitivo is great!


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Too many and too often!
The Inglés which has not called me so far, seems to be rather flat with unspectacular landscapes.
Oddly enough I read a post in a Facebook group a few weeks ago from someone who had just walked the Ingles - her first Camino - and was full of enthusiasm for it despite finding it very hilly for her. She then said that she is already considering the Primitivo for her second Camino because surely it couldn't be much more difficult. :):cool:

Elle Bieling

Elle Bieling, PilgrimageTraveler
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Inglés (2014, 2018), Finisterre (2014, 2018) Primitivo (2015), Portuguese var routes (2017, 2018)
They are both lovely walks. If you really want an idea of how they compare, my website shows our walks of both with lots of photos to help you decide. Camino Ingles and Camino Primitivo. Happy planning!


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C. Ingles March 2018
I would second what @jungleboy says above. If you have time for a longer Camino; i.e. the Primitivo, do that. You can always come back to shorter caminos in later years.

@Via2010, btw, the Ingles does not walk over mountains, but is definitely not flat!

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