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I'm an Author! Checking in....


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Dear old friends and new:

I apologize for being so absentee. It's not that I've forgotten about you. It's that spending six to eight hours a day, for nearly a year and a half (breaks in there too, trust me!) sapped my "writing" energy for the forum. I know you understand.

Currently, I'm working with an editor who has been through my book and given me great advice. My book is a memoir about my time backpacking through Southeast Asia, and living in Cambodia for eight years. It's also a saga of loss and resilience, and I feel glad to have written it, although I am still editing. I'm feeling good about it.

Today, my editor discouraged me from self-publishing. He said, get an agent. This one's good. I am excited, but also know that I'll be walking another camino (figuratively speaking) to find an agent. Please throw a good thought or prayer out there for me.

If you are an agent, or know an agent, or (for at least one of you), if your close family member has a great agent, send me a note. Also, I am trying to create a Facebook platform. If it's not totally against all decorum, the name of my platform is Dancing in Circles: An Expatriate in Cambodia. Bet you could find me. Camino brothers and sisters, I'd love you to support my platform if at all possible.

Drop me a line. Today was a rough day. I got a box of stuff from Cambodia that includes some objects very special to my relationship with my ex, who I was close friends with. I'm just a bit "out of sorts" today, but wanted to share some love, and kind thoughts your way.


William Garza

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Things..are only as important as the value we attach to them
You can read a person by what they value.

Things... of the heart are of utmost value
Love, kindness,respect,honor,integrity...self love.
Other things we mearely attach sentimental value to which ride in on the backs of what we value by association to a person,place or thing
Nouns have little to no value but what attributes we attach

I have a stone tool artifact i am going to leave at Cruz de Ferro...in and of itself. It has intrinsic value as a ancient man made and used object..but in itself? A portion of stone.

Its value is that mom and dad held it before passing.

Your greater sum and worth is that your an awsome,well traveled and somewhat worn to a pleasing shine person who has value far and above what people outside the forum may see.

Maybe those things will become place markers in your book of days.

But not in the way of where your going.

Be well and abundantly blessed..on "this" Way...until your next Way opens before you.


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Wishing you all the best, Deb!

And can you believe I've seen you on the forum all these years and never realised you were called Deb?
Maybe because I always read your username as "Camino De Brita", which in Portuguese (my native language) means "Camino of Pebbles". Now I see it's not pebbles, it's Lil'Deb! :D

Good to hear from you, and again, Buen Camino in this new adventure!

Peter Fransiscus

Do good and good will come to you.
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All that we are is the result of what we have thought.
Deb , congrats with this new adventure .
Hope you will find a Agent soon .

Wish you well , Peter .

ps , found your facebook page. Looks great .
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Welcome back Deb - i have read many, many of your posts and have always learned a lot from your words and advice on the forum...wishing youn all the very best witth further progress of your book and looking forward,to reading it when it is finally published.


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Frances SJPP to SdC Oct/Nov 2015
Frances Burgos toSdC March/April 2016
W. Highland Way August 2016
Camino Somewhere September 2017
Thank you, good old (and young!) friends! Here is a description of what my book is:

Dancing in Circles: An Expatriate in Cambodia is my memoir of approximately 80,000 words. I’ve spent a year and a half writing it, and it has been professionally edited. It is a completed manuscript.
I was raised in Canby, Oregon, a rural community about twenty-two miles southeast of Portland. As a teen in the late 70's, we ran wild, partying around our logging bridge road. A tragic accident happened: my only brother died. I learned to grieve young. My close friend had sunk her car in the North Fork of the Clackamas just eight months earlier. As a nineteen-year-old, seeing two of my closest people lying in coffins was difficult beyond words. Could things get worse? They could, and they did. I was the witness, and worked to care for my people. I would not give up on them.
At twenty-five, I went to college and then transferred to University of Oregon, where I fell in love with a philosophy major, a Michigan guy in a black leather jacket. We got married, moved overseas, and we backpacked around Southeast Asia. I dealt with plenty of sexism--grabbed in Sumatra, groped on a ferry, and tugged into a shack in Phnom Penh. Life had its challenges for women in Southeast Asia. Nevertheless, we landed in a magical place and stayed. That place was Cambodia.
Our lives there took twists and turns, as we experienced political turbulence and military fighting. Learning firsthand the horrors of the Khmer Rouge—as six young people were murdered in our first months there-- and witnessing the aftermath of the Vietnam War, we longed to help. In time, we established a publishing company, named after my hometown here in Oregon--Canby Publications. While we encountered great success with our business, my near death experience and the encroaching lifestyle of Southeast Asia, its nightlife and young women, began to "turn" my husband. Ultimately, I left everything I had worked to build.
My memoir includes themes of loss, resilience, hope, love, forgiveness, and war. My point-of-view, as a woman, gives attention to women's issues everywhere. Sexism, the loss of babies, and caring for others is not glossed over, and I wish to assert and maintain my woman’s point-of-view. My writing is observant and detailed. A strong narrative arc carries the reader from rural Oregon to the other side of the world, where eight years then pass. Following military conflict in the streets of Phnom Penh, in which tanks roll through and bombs explode, and a fellow teacher is shot dead in the streets, things fall apart, as Yeats and Achebe would say. Soon after, I got out.
Readers will include adults who enjoy armchair travels, backpacking, issues related to Vietnam and Cambodia, and plenty of Khmer Americans (Americans from Cambodia). Because women's issues are addressed, as well as issues of loss and coping with death (and death of a child), this book will appeal to those dealing with grief as well.

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