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I just passed the pilgrims office...the line was (as is now getting to be the norm) around the corner and quite a bit up the street.

...suddenly everyone in the back of the line started applauding... and then everyone joined in... about a hundred pilgrims applauding as I saw a pilgrims being lead to the front of the line... he was walking barefoot (of asian decent)...I am sure he had been suffering and that everyone had passed him on the way.... and seen it.

He had made it!

...once he passed me, I saw the back of his backpack... a forum badge!

Wow.. :D



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WikaG said:
Yes, confirmed, it was Amado!
At first I haven't recognized him (I misheard his name as Amaro) but I've checked the forum and there he was!
Big congrats for him!
Wiktoria (from the office in Santiago) :D
Fantastic!! You've made my day with this confirmed "sighting" !!
Hi Ivar,

I deeply regret I was not able to meet you. I dropped by your office but you were away and I didn't have the time to go back anymore. Just the same, I thank you for the support. The sprained ankle is still a bit swollen but the pain is gone. I am now in Rome and will be flying back to the Philippines this Friday. The next two months will be a time of reflection on that extraordinary experience.


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I am one of the lucky ones who met Amado along his camino. A big Congratulations to you Father on completing your pilgrimage in such fine style! My hat is off to the pilgrim community that allowed him to skip forward in the queue and get his Compostela in time to be off to serve... the pilgrim community.

And of course there´s that Johnnie Walker fellow, beavering away in the background and making it all happen.

St. James danced on August 10. I bet he did it barefoot!

I am back in the Philippines. Just flew in from Rome a few hours ago and I am still trying to beat the jet lag. I have lots of time to reflect on what I consider a peak-experience.
What was indeed impressive on that day when I arrived in Santiago was not me arriving barefoot, but the warm welcome of my fellow pilgrims whom I have encountered along the way. Letting me go ahead of the queue was ironic because they often overtook me on the road due to my very slow, turtle-like pace. There are so many things that impressed and amazed me:
I will never forget the care and concern of those who passed me along the way days before - some stopped and offered me drinks, sandwiches, candies, and ibufren and some even offered their sandals (thinking that I have lost my shoes or forgot them in the Albergues!). A family (mother, father, daughters and sons) slowed their pace and decided to pray with me for a few minutes and then sped up. There were several young Spaniards who asked me to hear their confession, while I was drinking cafe con leche. There was B - who introduced himself as gay and HIV positive - who slowed down and walked with me for three hours and we had deep conversation (about life and death). When we saw each other in the line outside the Pilgrim office in Santiago, we just hugged each other like brothers. I must have received the most number of hugs in my life on the Camino (many of them from lovely ladies and also men!) - where I come from, people don't hug or embrace their priests. I cannot forget the hospitality of people like Rebekah and John. Another sight that often impressed me: couples walking hand in hand on the Camino - some in their sixties, others their forties, many younger. There is so much love shown in the Camino. There are so many wonderful people on the Camino. I believe that the Camino does bring out the best in people. That to me is impressive - more impressive that walking barefoot.
Was it Amado?


Congratulation to whoever it was.
Hola all

And congratulation on finishing yet another camino Amado!
I was intrigued by reading this and found this thread from 2010 about some of your other walks.


It is truely a remarkable feat to walk a Camino and in my opinion even more so to do it as you have done it.
You wrote in the other post that it felt wrong when other pilgrims applaused you.
That you did not walk barefoot as a 'performance' but for other reasons.

After reading a bit about your situation in your homecountry and your will to make peace walks, it leave me with thoughts to pounder on.
You give me new perspective to consider which is good for me today and in my daily life.
Thank you. And thank you for being so humble about your actions in your life.
It is a true inspiration.

Buen Camino

William Marques - the link in your post is not working and I submit a new one that do. :)
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An old thread that thankfully has been resurrected.
Fr. Amado is seriously impressive - and a huge inspiration for anyone who thinks it is not possible for one person to make a difference. Here is more about why prayers are needed for his safety.
If we all had his courage and commitment to goodness and truth, the world would be a vastly better place.

Please keep him in your prayers. Thanks.
Thank you, Boogie, for your post, so we all can contribute to prayers for his safety and protection.


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Portuguese '08, Frances '11, del Norte '14, Invierno '16, Ingles '17, Primitivo October 2018

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